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The first time I did it was after cheer camp. It was Friday. The last day until winter break. Excitement filled the air. And the next thing I knew, I was falling. From head cheerleader on the top of the pyramid, to the bottom. The failure. As I struggled to get up, I heard it. Molly and Liz. Whispering. "...Sarah....fat" When i went home, I dodnt know was else to do. Satisfaction poured out of my wrists. As I set my red stained lilac razor aside, I felt a different kind of warmth fill my stomach. Satisfaction.


Kaitlyn. She was a mystery. A best friend. Still is... She knew everyting about me. My likes, dislikes. Crushes, flings. Boyfriends, true love. She was the outgoing one out of the two of us. Everybody knew who she was. Kaitlyn Davis. AndI was her friend. She was always happy, full of light. That night was the first time she had accused me for anything. Me. Her best friend. Me. She accused me. Then she left. And that night, the blade came out. For the very first time.

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