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4) Hospitals


Hospitals have always scared me. The smell, the people, everything. It was so...morbid. I was admitted on July 17th, 2010. 15 days after Brett and I broke up. I guess everything kinda went down from that. He said I was getting scary. That I was emotional, touchy. He had no idea. He came though. To the hospital. To visit me. Said a few words, but I was too doped up to say anything back. Hospitals. Good memories and bad. Funny moments and sad. Memories.


They say white walls are supposed to calm you. Yeah right. White walls always mean trouble. Slow beeping to my left, needle in my arm, white sheets, white pillows, white chairs, white paintings, white nurses, and white smells. I hate white. Red. Red. Red. All I want is red.

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