chapter two

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Talking - hello nice to meet you 👋


whispering - hey can you give me the answer for number seven

Thinking - 'i wish everyone would be quite' hi

Phone - :hey wanna hang out?:

Texting - |hey wanna hear a sercreat?|

Arthur speaking - { hello 👋😁}

Time skip - Time skip brought to you by chibi Arthur hanging out with chibi sky mia josh and sora.


Third person

We see josh walking up to the highschool of kouh academly while looking at his invertory. Josh then bumps into a girl with long red hair that reaches her thighs blusih green eyes josh looked at the girl

(Josh) im sorry about that i wasnt paying attention i was observing a bird

Then the girls stats came up witch josh smiles

Name - Rias gremory

Health - 320

Magic - 560

Age - 17

Race - pure blood devil

Title - empress of destrution

Sacred gear - none

Level - 20

Abilites - acts like a child when not getting her way

Power - power of destrution

Rias smiles

(Rias) hello my name is rias gremory and you look new are you perhaps a transfer student?

Josh shakes his head no

(Josh) actually we moved here from the city since are parents were born and rised here

Rias nodded and kept her smile

(Rias) well would do you need help getting to the student clouncil office?

Josh smiles and nods

(Josh) yes please thank you

- timeskip brought to you by chibi josh creating the string string devil fruit -

After josh enrolled himself into first year of highschool and his sister into elemantry school he procced to stop buy a house buyer and buys a house then to a phone store getting two cell phones. Josh then proceeds to go home to sera seeing her watching tv

(Josh) sera i have two surprices for you

(Sera) yes oni-chan

(Josh) i got us a new home and us phones

Sera had star in her eyes hearing this because one she could get to now new people second she got a phone

(Sera) thats awsome big brother

- time skip brought to you by a chibi josh and sera packing everything into boxes for the movers -

We now see both sera and josh standing infront of a house



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