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I couldn't believe it. I laid in my bed that night, staring at the scan picture Gage had given me this afternoon. The first ever picture of his baby. It made me want to scream. Why? Why must they have a fucking baby!

In my anger, I growled loudly, hurling a pillow across the room and rolled over in bed. Stupid Gage and stupid baby.

I suddenly felt really hot. Always happens when I get angry. Gage knows that better than anyone else around here. And he's gone.

I pulled my shirt over my head and kicked the covers back off me. I hated this room. It was Gage's old room from when he lived here. And I hate it. Not the room itself per say, just that it's his room. And now it's mine. And I had to give my room to Marcy. I hate her. I'll never like my stupid little sister.

I could feel my anger building rapidly at the thought of everything. I put the picture of the baby down on my dresser and stormed out the room. I don't care if it's 2am. I'm angry and gotta cool off.

I storm my way downstairs and burst out into the garden. I go into my trusty plant pot and pull out my lighter and cigarettes. Found my first pack in Gage's room when I moved in and he left for college. They do come in handy.

After I'd puffed away my anger, I retreated back inside. I quietly crept upstairs and got back into bed.

"Feel better?" A voice said from the door way. I snapped my head back to see Shane standing there.

"Yes" I muttered, hitching over so he could get on the bed.

"How'd you get this pack?" He chuckled. Shane was the cooler dad. Joey just worries which makes me angrier. God damn my short temper. A trait from my father Gage would say. I don't know either parents. So how should I know?

"Noah" I sighed. My wonderful boyfriend. God I'm so in love with him. He's so wonderful. He's a senior. A few years older than me. A jock too. I bagged a good one.

"I'm still not sure about him" Shane said honestly. "I know his type. I don't want to see you hurt baby" he sighed, moving some of my blonde hair out of my face.

"I trust Noah" I said sternly. I meant it. All those other bullies have backed off now he's here. "He'd never hurt me"

"If you say so" Shane sighed. "But if he does ever hurt you, I swear I will slaughter him with my own hands. Mark my words"

"Calm down dad. Noah's a good guy, I love him. You don't need to worry I know what I'm doing" I said scoffing at him. Dads don't know anything.

"I know, it's just that.. Well... You haven't exactly been 'out' all that long, and you know how kids can be" Shane went on god. Doesn't he ever shut up?

"We're not in the 80s anymore dad, it's fine chill out. Kids aren't like that anymore" I sighed, getting irritated by him. He sensed it, and soon left. I pulled my dark sheets up over me so I could snuggle into a little nest of comfort.

'I hate Shane' I texted Noah. He's always up at this time of night, probably working on his truck that he's fixing up.

'You're awake early? What's he done this time?' Noah replied.

'What hasn't he done more like'

'He's an ass. Just like Joey and Gage. You don't need them in your life as long as you've got me' he replied, about 20 minutes later. He's right though. I don't need them. And Noah and I are going to run away together and never look back.

He's everything I'll ever need. I don't need my dads and I especially don't need Gage.

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