Chapter 5: The Plans

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Chapter 5: The Plans

“Right or left?” John asked as we got close to my apartment.

“Right.” I said as he quickly turned right.

“Ok. There you go……” John said as he parked.

“Thanks.” I said about to get out.

He gently grabbed my arm right above my elbow.

“Aileen I want you to know I’m here too…..if you ever need me.” He said smiling slightly.

“Ok, thanks John.” I said walking out of the car and up the stairs to the front door of the apartment.

I turned around to wave and he was smiling at me.

I waved and he did to.

“You be careful alright???” John yelled.

I nodded and forced a smile. He smiled back and I went inside.

I shut the door then went up to my apartment.

I plopped down face first on my bed and cried.

“Are you watching me NOW?!?!!? You crazy stalker just leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!” I yelled.

I sat on my bed and thought.

That’s when I got the idea.

I’ll move.

Wait do I even have the money for that????

I opened up my laptop and looked into my bank account once I was online.

I had enough.

“I guess I will move.” I said to myself.

Somewhere far away but not too far away because I want to keep my job.

I picked up the phone so I could call Mr. Hutterman.

I dialed in his number.

“Hello? Who is this?” He asked.

“Aileen. I wanted to tell you that I’m moving….”

“You’re quitting? Please don’t quit you’re the best person here.” He said.

“Oh, no Sir I’m not quitting I wanted to ask you if I could have a couple days off so I could start packing.” I explained.

“Oh,……well…….yes. How many days do you think you’ll be off?” He asked.

“2 or 3 days maybe just two days.” I said.

“Ok, I can get Velma to fill in for you.” He said.

“Thanks so much Mr. Hutterman.” I said.

“Anytime.” He said.

“Well, see you in a few days.” I said.

“Ok. Bye.” He said hanging up.

“Bye.” I replied.

After I was done calling him and had hung up the phone I plopped backwards from a sitting position into lying down.

I still had to get boxes.

I sat back up and got my phone.

I dialedGary’s number.

“Hey,GaryI was wondering if you have a car I could borrow.” I said.

He not only stayed up all night and experimented on things he also worked as a mechanic at Harry’sAuto Place, and bought cars from junk yards and fixed them at his own home.

“Uh, hmmm….. I have a red 1962 Chevy Corvair, and a clunker truck.” He said as I interrupted him.

“I don’t know much about cars but a clunker truck is ages old right?” I asked.

“Yeah, those cars could be worth something.” He said.

“I’ll just take the Chevy. Does it work good?” I asked.

“Aileen, I fixed it right?........ Yes it works.” He said.

I laughed.

“Cool I’ll be there to pick it up in a little bit.” I said.

“How are you gonna get here without a vehicle?” He asked.

“I can ride my bike.” I said.

“How are you gonna get the bike back?” He asked.

“Oh I didn’t think of that.” I said chuckling.

“Heh-heh I’ll just drive it there.” He said.

“Ok, but wait…… are you gonna get back to your house???” I asked laughing.

“Oh, right. Hmmmm…..”

“I’ll just call a cab.” I suggested.

“Ok, that sounds better than anything else we’ve come up with.” He said.

“Yeah.” I answered.

“See you in a bit.” He said.

“Ok, bye.” I said.

“Bye.” He replied before hanging up.

I slipped clean clothes on and my black flats.

I put my cell phone in my back pocket and my keys to the apartment and headed out the door.

I locked up and left the apartment and down the long staircase once again.

I called a cab again...

I felt like everyday was déjà vu. There was never anything different.

I sat down in the grass and waited for the cab driver to come.

5 minutes later the cab driver drove right in front of the apartment complex.

I took my time as I stood up.

I slowly got inside the car and told the cab driver where I was going.

He started the car.

I just sat in the back seat and cried.

Our song was on the radio. Well the one Caleb would sing me after saving my life.

Hero from Enrique Iglesias.

I know it sounds stupid and funny, but it was so romantic he would sing it to me in Spanish or English he would let me pick.

Most of the time I picked Spanish I didn’t know what he was saying some of the time but it was the most romantic thing ever.

I missed him a lot.

Soon he was atGary’s house. I thanked him, paid him, and got out and walked toGary’s front door.


“Coming!!!” He yelled.


“Hey I said I’m coming!” He yelled angrily.

Then he opened the door and saw me.

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