Chapter 10: Going to Dinner with My Boss

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Chapter 10: Going to dinner with my boss…………

I hopped into the shower.

 When I got out of the shower I got dressed into my black dress pants and my purple ruffled dress shirt.

 I slipped on my black heels and headed out the door with my keys and my phone.

 I locked up and I made my way in front of the apartment.

 “Hey I’m ready.” I said to him as he answered the door.

 “Oh….uh I was supposed to pick you up??” He asked.

 “Ha-ha you seriously aren’t are your way here?” I asked.


Silence. Silence. Silence. Silence.

“HELLO???” I asked.

Dial tone rang in my ear.

I closed my cell phone and waited.

After about 12 minutes he was in front of my house.

 He got out and smiled at me.

“Wow Aileen, you look beautiful.” He said.

 I thought back of when Caleb always said that and when my boss said it, it was sweet It just made me think of him.

I held back the tears that wanted to come out.

“Thank you.” I said to him as he walked over and hooked his arm with mine and he led me to the passenger side of the car.

He opened the door, I smiled and when I got in he shut it.

He walked around the front of the car and once he was inside and the car the door slammed shut and he started the car.

“So how do I look?” He asked.

“Nice.” I choked out. It felt strange saying that Mr. Hutterman looked nice.

 “That bad huh?” He asked.

“No, no I didn’t mean it like that I just---” I continued.

 “No, it’s alright. I know I look bad.” He answered pretending to be hurt.

 Or was he serious??? Oops I think he was serious.

 “I’m sorry, you look very handsome Mr. Hutterman.” I said.

 Why’d I agree to going to dinner with him? Did I do it out of pity? No he was an ok looking guy so why would I do that? Was I being a big suck up??

 Lots of things crossed my mind the entire time Mr. Hutterman and I sat in awkward silence as he drove to the restaurant.

A few more minutes passed and he parked outside the restaurant.

 “Hold on I’ll get the door for you.” He said.

“No thanks I got it.” I said.

“Really. I can do it.” He offered.

 “Fine.” I sat there and waited for him to get out and walk around.

He opened it.

 “So, how about we pretend like we talk in English accents?”


 “Alright, We can talk British and we can dress fancy.”

 I laughed.

“Please don’t!!” I said laughing again.

“Alright.” He sat back down on the bed, leaned towards me, his lips brushed against mine then he went back in to kiss me.

“Is that Romantic?” He asked.

Then I thought about when he said he loved me and when he said my name.

“Aileen, I love you Aileen, Aileen, I love you……………….. Aileen.”

“Aileen???? Are you alright??”

 “Yeah.” I said wiping away the tear from my cheek.

Going with Mr. Hutterman out to dinner felt strange. Everything felt strange. I felt REALLY guilty. I felt like I was cheating on Caleb.

I wasn’t though. He had died and no matter what I said or did or felt. He was gone and he wasn’t coming back. Ever.

 “Are you alright Aileen?? You keep zoning out when I’m talking to you.” He said.

“I’m ALRIGHT!!! CAN’T YOU JUST UNDERSTAND THAT I’M STILL TRYING TO HEAL MY HEART???? NO, I’M NOT ALRIGHT!!!” I said raising my voice making everyone stare.

 Mr. Hutterman looked at me surprised and didn’t say a word.

 The waiter came to the table with shaking hands and asked us what we wanted.

 “I’ll start out with some bread sticks.” Mr. Hutterman said still staring at me in astonishment.

 “Anything for you??” The man asked looking at me with shaking hands.

“Will you please just leave me alone!!!! EVERYONE STOP STARING IT’S RUDE TO STARE!!!!!!!!”

 Everyone looked away except Mr. Hutterman and the guy waiter did a little more than just look away.

 He fainted.

 “Aileen could I talk to you outside for a minute???” Mr. Hutterman asked.

 I nodded.

 We walked outside.

 “What’s wrong with you tonight?? Do you not want to hang out with me or something?” He asked.

“No that’s not it.” I said.

He interrupted me and continued.

 “Then what is? I ask you how’s your day been, you zone out and stare at something across the room. I look behind me, it’s breadsticks so I order those and you get REALLY angry and start yelling at everybody to look away. Then the waiter faints and I’m sitting there wondering what I did wrong, because I thought I did I good job. I was trying to impress you but I guess it didn’t work. So what’s the big deal?????” He said gasping for air.

 “You were trying to impress me?” I asked.

 “Yeah, and you get mad.” He explained.

“I’m sorry, it’s just I-” I tried to continue what I was saying but I couldn’t.

 “You what???” He asked.

 “Caleb, Caleb? Caleb? Caleb?????” I screamed as I ran to a man that was walking away.

 I ran to him and grabbed him.

 “CALEB???” I screamed.

“I’m sorry you have the wrong person.” He said pulling away and walking off.

 I dropped to the ground to catch up with my breath.

 Then I screamed and cried.

 “GOD!!! WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?!?!?!?!? JUST KILL ME!!! I’M SUFFERING I CAN’T LIVE ANY LONGER WITHOUT CALEB!!!!!!!!! IS HE STILL ALIVE??????? IF HE IS GIVE ME A SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed.

 “Aileen???” Mr. Hutterman yelled.

I ignored his yells though.

I ran far and it would take a while for him to get that close to me.

 Just then a piece of paper floated down from the sky.

I mean literally it came down out of the sky.

I ran to it and picked it up.

Don’t give up. He’s still seeking to find you.

No name was at the bottom, back, or top.

 I stared blankly at the paper.

What could this mean?? Don’t give up because Caleb’s still alive and looking for me,  don’t give up because Aaron’s looking for me.

I folded it up and put it in my back pocket.

 It could mean anything.

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