chapter 2:

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Chapter 2: Amelia Dutton…………

Soon we got to Amelia Dutton’s house. The whole house was yellow except the porch. The porch was white and it had two lawn chairs on each side of the front door. I knocked on the door and someone answered it. 

“Oh, hello. She’s over here.” The woman said sadly. 

What we saw when we entered the living room was her mom crying on the couch as she held what I think was Amelia’s blanket. 

“Hello Mrs. Dutton could I ask you a couple questions?” I asked the woman as I put my hand on top of her hand to comfort her.

“Yes.” She said quietly as she wiped her tears away then formed more.

“OK, you ready?” I asked her.

“Yeah.” She said taking a deep breath then looking up at me with her red, puffy eyes.

“Ok…. When did you last see your daughter?” I asked the woman.

“Last night, it was about 9:30. I said she needed to go to bed.” The woman answered.

“Ok and did she go to bed right away or did she stay up for a little while longer?” I asked.

“She went to bed right away she’s good at listening to rules. She’s just like her father.” The woman said.

“Where is Mr. Dutton right now?” I asked.

“Dead I suppose he never calls, he never writes.” The woman explained.

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