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"No- you can't just leave without explaining a little Casey" Calum spoke as I walked outside.

"I'm just saying- drug test Macey." I spoke in one quick sentence, seeing his face completely drop.

"I'll see you at the gender reveal tonight" I spoke, kissing his cheek gently.

"Call me if you need anything, I'll come, okay?" He spoke, making me nod slowly.

I left, going right down the street to my house.

I walked in- seeing the boxes with all of my junk.

I slowly started unpacking, and soon I ended up on the floor of my bedroom, and I couldn't get up.

"Jesus christ" I breathed out, looking for anything to grab to help me up.

So I called Calum

"What's wrong?" He immediately answered.

"I sat on the floor, and I can't get up" I spoke

I immediately heard his laughter

"I'm going to send Luke to help you, I'm setting stuff up at the house and helping your mom" he spoke.

"Okay, thank you" I spoke, thankful.

"Anytime princess"

Within five minutes I heard someone walk inside

If it was a murderer, I'd have to let him kill me, cause my big ass isn't going anywhere.

Luke soon appeared, the smile never leaving his face.

"Hands" he spoke, making me extend them to him.

He slowly helped me up, laughing once I was finally up.

"Things are getting harder, aren't they?" He questioned with a smile.


We ended up going to Calum's, seeing people already arriving for the reveal.

Tons of doctors, some of my old friends and some of my moms friend.

I went upstairs with Luke, leaving him in my room as I changed into my white shirt, walking out and seeing him in blue.

"Team boy, all the way" he grinned

"Literally everyone is team boy"

We went downstairs and I saw Brantley wearing a pink shirt as Calum tied his shoes

"Brantley, you want a niece?" I smiled out, seeing him smile, nodding to me.

"You're going to be the best uncle" I spoke, kissing his cheek gently as Calum stood, looking to me

"Your sister will not be attending to gender reveal" he spoke, making me nod

I didn't expect her to attend anyway.

As soon as Ashton got here, he rushed everyone to the backyard.

All of the immediate family such as my mom, Calum, Brantley and the boys gathered around me.

Ashton handed each of us a tube.

"Okay- on three we all twist the tube and the color of the baby will shoot out" he spoke.

"Casey- it's on your countdown" Luke smiles, standing beside me with a smile.




I'm unison, we all twisted and pink coloring flew everywhere.

I saw shock fly through everyone's face and the first person to speak was Brantley

"I knew it!"

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