Jasmine Is The Name

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I'm Jasmine ! I'm 19 yrs old . I live in New Orleans , but I'm from Bronx New York . I moved here like three /four years ago with my mom and her "loving husband ". As she would say .. I work at a clothing store downtown and babysit on the side , I use to babysit more than one child but I kept getting off schedule and things was being thrown all ova the place , plus babysitting at my house with my stepdad was dangerous for the kids.. Now I only babysit kayden or kaykay as she like to be called I babysit every other afternoon for ms. Shelia when get off of work . She have other kids but they grown ,she say. (Ps: I know kay Kay is not her actual child that's her grandbaby) .. Welp that's about it for now .ill tell you more stuff later in the story ✌️✌️

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