Chapter 20

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Your POV

You don't have many elegant clothes but your friend let you borrow one of her dresses for tonight. She brought at least ten to let you try on until she felt content with how you looked.

"You look amazing y/n" Jennie says in awe

"Your beautiful mommy" your son says who's sitting on the sofa.

"It's really nice but I feel like I'm exposed" you say

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"It's really nice but I feel like I'm exposed" you say

" just a little bit but it's classy not trashy so your fine" Jennie says

"Okay" you laugh a little

"Do you think theirs going to be any celebrities?" She asks

"I don't know probably" you respond when the door bell rings. Jennie gets up and opens the door to reveal not just Jungkook but the whole band.

"Hello" Jennie says and lets them all in.

Before they could see you, you cowardly ran into the bedroom to hide.

"Where's y/n?" Jungkook asks

"She's right th-, where did she go?" Jennie asks seeing how I'm no longer in the living room

" mommy is hiding in the bedroom" your son rats you out and you can hear them laughing outside

"Y/n please come out" Jungkook says

"No! I look weird" you shout

"You look amazing" Jennie says

"If you don't open the door then we're gonna have to break it down" Jimin says

" one... two... THREE!"

"Okay fine!" You shout and open the door. You step out into the living room where everyone is at. Everyone is staring especially Jungkook.

You turn around to run back into the bedroom but Jungkook grabs your arm and pulls you back.

"You look stunning" he compliments and your heart beats rapidly as you blush.

" thank you" you reply

" damn Jungkook she's out of your league" Taehyung jokes making all us laugh except for Jungkook who just glares at him.

" ohh I brought you something, turn around" he says and you do so. You move your hair out the way and he places a diamond necklace around your neck.

"Jungkook I-"

"No excuses it's yours, think of it as a late birthday gift from the past years" he laughs

" it's beautiful thank you" you smile

"What sort of dance is this?" Jennie asks

"It's a charity ball so all the people in entertainment are invited" Namjoon answers

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