The coldness woke me up. I rubbed my eyes and found that it the movie was over. The end credits were playing and Charlie was picking up some pieces of popcorn that we had flung at each other earlier during the movie.

"I'm freezing! Did I fall asleep?"

"Yeahr, you basically passed out after they realized who the killer was,." He laughed.

"Wait, who was the killer?"

"It was the weird neighbor the whole time!" He said, as if it still shocked him

"Hahaha, I told you," I teased.

He yawned. "Yep," "ohh I still have to make that video."

"Go ahead, I'll be upstairs brushing my teeth, I said, as I hopped up the stairs.

As I was brushing my teeth, I started to feel nauseous. My face in the mirror looked pale and my eyes were baggy. I'd

been feeling sick in the mornings lately but I just chalked it up to not getting enough sleep. We'll now it was night and I still felt horrible.

"Good night Charlie!" I shouted so he could hear.

"Night!" He replied.


I ran straight to the bathroom, the digital numbers on the clock shot at my face. 5:30 am

I'm lucky I made it. One second later and there would have been chicken/salad mush all over the floor.

"Uhhhhhh" I groaned. I flushed the toilet right away to get the image out of my head. Let me just say this experience turned off my my taste buds when It came to chicken.

I wiped my mouth and realized I got some in my hair. "Great," I mumbled sarcastically.

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