All We Need is Time and Some Tea (charlieissocoollike short story) by phantastickz
All We Need is Time and Some Tea ( A Shared Account Between Frie...
Charlie is at SitC to screen his new short film to an audience in the Palace Suite. That's it. He was about to get more than he bargained for.
  • charlie
  • charlieisscoollike
  • jack
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Start All Over Again (A Danisnotonfire, AmazingPhil, and One Direction fanfic) by Lolo_the_Monkey
Start All Over Again (A Lolo Ze Monkay
Tyler Meadows is not your average eighteen year old. She is super smart, musically gifted, and very "unique." Being eighteen, she decided she wanted to move...
  • styles
  • harry
  • malik
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contrast couple (COMING SOON IN 2015) by MethBeth
contrast couple (COMING SOON IN bethan
never to suffer would never to have been blessed - edgar allen poe © 2015 by bethan All rights reserved {if you steal this, i s2g, hoe}
  • normanikordei
  • first-person
  • teen-romance
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All My Loving (A Charlieissocoollike Fanfiction) by ChelseaLennon
All My Loving (A Chelsea {ON HIATUS}
Lennon Taylor got tired of her father abusing her and her sister everyday. So she packed her bags, took her sister, and moved to London. After moving there she meets a k...
  • charlieissocoollike
  • anniversary
  • mcdonnell
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Dear Mr. Day [Alex Day] {DISCONTINUED} by TakenByTheAngels
Dear Mr. Day [Alex Day] { Stormageddan: Dark Lord of All
One day, Alex Day received an envelope in the post. Inside of that envelope was a real handwritten letter, something that isn't so commonly found nowadays, with the wond...
  • alex
  • chameleon
  • dear
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A Dream? (Charlie McDonnell) by ILovePewds
A Dream? (Charlie McDonnell)by Klutz/ Blonde
A story that will surprise you in a lot of ways.. <3
  • charlie
  • mcdonnell
Scars - Charlie McDonnell Fanfic by TakenByTheAngels
Scars - Charlie McDonnell Fanficby Stormageddan: Dark Lord of All
Octavia Green is your typical sob-story. Dead brother. Dead best friend. No Mother. Abusive Father. She's falling deeper and deeper into a pit of misery and can't get ou...
  • depression
  • youtuber
  • scars
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  • cold
  • douglas
  • geneva
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Life With a Camera by B3thN3wbigging
Life With a Cameraby Beth
Hi my name is Liliana Smith. I have no friends like none. Well I have one, Lauren Lopez, but she lives all the in America and I live in England so we don't really see ea...
  • charlieissocoollike
  • alex
  • mcdonnell
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Everything Is Ending-Charlie McDonnell fanfiction- Sequel! by Chloe_Alexandriia
Everything Is Ending-Charlie Chloee
VidCon. The one event that every YouTuber wishes to attend. The only word that means anything at all to the success of a YouTuber. For the past two years, Charlie McDon...
  • vidcon
  • mcdonnell
  • youtube
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Face your fears (Doctor Who/YouTube fanfiction) ON HIATUS by Thelastwhovian0
Face your fears (Doctor Who/ Niamh
Charlie, Alex, Chris, PJ, Liam, Dan, Phil and Carrie. All youtubers, they all have pretty much the same job, the same lives, and life is usually normal for them. But th...
  • doctor
  • youtube
  • charlie
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Home by UsernameAndPassword_
Homeby UsernameAndPassword_
An Alex Day fanfic (: DISCLAIMER: All ideas, views, opinions, and feelings expressed in this short story are purely fictional and therefore not those of the people menti...
  • alex
  • mcdonnell
  • vinyls
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Slender VS. The Sexy Sixsome [On Hiatus...] by phantastickz
Slender VS. The Sexy Sixsome [On A Shared Account Between Frie...
One Adventure, Six Vloggers, One Supposed Internet Game. One heck of an adventure.
  • alex
  • forest
  • phil
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Survival by Rosearcana85
Survivalby Rosearcana85
It's 2013 and the city of London is in ruins, much like the rest of the world. Alex Day, Dean Dobbs, Bethan Leadley, Charlie McDonnell, Dan Howell, and more are searchin...
  • omfgitsjackanddean
  • jenny
  • mary
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Telekinesis and Other Powers by LYAMAILL
Telekinesis and Other Powersby SD and Robin
Just a Liam Dryden fan fiction. :) Robin, a Wattpad writer, presents with the consulting aide of SD: Telekinesis and Other Powers DISCLAIMER: All ideas, views, opinions...
  • sadness
  • dryden
  • liam
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Youtuber's Wife by molly211
Youtuber's Wifeby Molly
SEQUEL TO: Unlikely Things Happen All The Time Pick up where the life of the McDonnells left off. Any new family member????? Hmmm have to read to find out. :)
  • charlieissocoollike
  • girl
  • mcdonnell
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One Day Can Make A Difference (Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day, Not a slash) by molinnit
One Day Can Make A Difference ( mol.
Lauren was just a normal school girl, good grades, good friends, skiving. One particular day she skived off school and bumped into nonother than Charlie McDonnell the cu...
  • youtuber
  • starkid
  • charlieissocoollikes
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Don't Wake Me Up (Youtube Fan Fiction) by xOvercastSinner
Don't Wake Me Up (Youtube Fan °Eris°
What would you do if everything you thought would never be possible, actually happens? Denise Avacyn only wished to meet her anonymous friend whom she had been close to...
  • liguori
  • british
  • charlie
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