Wrong Chat

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Special guest: Park Woojin

Rachel's pov
I got bored from doing my homework so I decided to use my phone instead. When I was busy playing my game suddenly a message popped out.

Handsome_jihoon: Hey woojin you up?

Pastel_Land: Ummm I'm up but I'm no woojin

Handsome_jihoon: Oh sorry dude I didn't know

Pastel_Land: I'm not a dude....

Handsome_jihoon: Oh! again sorry and also who are you anyways?

Pastel_Land: it's fine and you were the one who added me so I should be asking you that instead.

Handsome_jihoon: I am handsome jihoon, the handsome park jihoon to be exact

Pastel_Land: lmao I think cocky jihoon fits you better 🤣

Handsome_jihoon: YA! How dare you. You're mean

Pastel_Land: pish Okay, I have school tomorrow gtg byee

Handsome_jihoon: ya! What do you mean ok? Come back here!

Pastel_Land: nope, byee nightsss ;)

Pastel_Land left chat

Handsome_jihoon: wow, okay chat with you tomorrow I Guess.

Handsome_jihoon left chat

Time skip

Handsome_jihoon: hey! I didn't get to ask you yesterday but what's your name?

Pastel_Land: oh haha hi again, I'm Rachel btw😬

Handsome_jihoon: ahh your name is so cool! Which school do you attend?

Handsome_jihoon: sorry if I sound like a creep but I just want to know more about you! I PROMISE IM NOT A CREEPY OLD GUY.

Pastel_Land: hahaha wth okok I believe you don't have to caps your words.

Pastel_Land: and I'm studying at SOPA

Handsome_jihoon: OOMMGG NO WAY

Pastel_Land: what? why?

Handsome_jihoon: I'm... from SOPA TOO

Pastel_Land: WHAT OMG 😱

Handsome_jihoon: ya see you're using caps too

Pastel_Land: ya because I'm shocked okay wow

Handsome_jihoon: how old are you anyways I could be older😏

Pastel_Land: haha lol what's so good about being OLDer and what with that face

Handsome_jihoon: because if I am you have to call me oppa😎

Pastel_Land: err who said I was gonna call you that

Handsome_jihoon: just tell me your age

Pastel_Land: fine! I'm turning 17 this year.

Handsome_jihoon: HA!

Pastel_Land: what now

Handsome_jihoon: I was right I AM older than you! I'm turning 19 this year.

Pastel_Land: ohhh good for you bye

Handsome_jihoon: ya!

Pastel_Land left chat

Handsome_jihoon: aish why is she always like this.

Handsome_jihoon left chat

Days pass and we continued talking to each other. Surprisingly I continued talking to him because he was a complete stranger. But I have to admit I enjoy talking to him. I found out that he was in the same school as I am and that he was 2 years older than me. So I probably should not have been that rude.

*haha oops*

Also Jihoon kept trying to get me to call him oppa but that's ain't gonna happen. I see him in school several times and I'm honestly confused his personality in real life and via chat is so different. It's almost like he is a different person. I have to admit Jihoon in real life is making me fall for him. But every time I talk to him on chat I just feel like throwing my phone away. I'm truly confused about my own feelings too.

*do I like him or do I not?*

Jihoon's pov
After talking to Rachel for such a long period of time I start getting the feeling that I am falling for her. I get super shy when I see her in person and my friends would always tease me about it. And I feel extremely jealous when I see her talking to her guy friends it's like I want her all to myself.

*urgh why can't I be confident in real life like I am on chat*

She's honestly so cute and beautiful I want her to be mine already.

Time skip

Author's pov
After days and weeks Jihoon and Rachel have gotten closer they would hangout with each other and both of them can talk comfortably to one another. Jihoon has also gotten more confident in front of Rachel. Little did they know they were both falling deeper for each other.

Time skip

It was now Jihoon final year in SOPA. And today is the day before the graduation Rachel was at a cafe when Jihoon as usual spending time with each other.

Rachel's pov
" I'm going to miss you so much..." I said looking at the table. "Ya don't worry it's just going to be 2 years and I can come back to school to visit" I'm still sad, now I have to go to school, eat lunch and go back home without Jihoon, and it doesn't help that I have a huge crush on him but I'm too afraid to tell him. "Hey lets go somewhere" with that he held my hand and dragged me out of the cafe. We ended up in a beautiful park with cherry blossoms everywhere. " Jihoon oppa what are we doing here?"

*yes I started calling him oppa partly cause he likes it and I have a crush on him😖*

"I have something to tell you" he grabbed both my hands and stared into my eyes. I can feel my heart beat quicken. "I like you! No I love you Rachel! I've had feelings for you since forever ago but I was always too scared to tell you. But I can't wait any longer I love you so so much. Would you be my girlfriend?" I was too in shock to even reply my crush confessed to me.. I just stood there and stared at him. "I get it if you don't feel th-." "I love you too Jihoon!" I said and quickly looked at the floor. He held my chin up and asked "then would you be my girlfriend?" "Y-yes" and he hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.
"I love you, jagiya"


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