Adrian's POV

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Yay, today is my first day of teaching. I'm an English teacher and I'm teaching a creative writing class. I woke up early from excitement and of course i tried to be not loud but kaden still sensed it. I took a quick shower and of course he joined me and had a little fun, if you know what i mean ; ). I put on my lacy set of bra and panties. I brushed my teeth and straightened my hair.

I put on a pair of h&m slacks, with a pinkish or salmon color frilled silk blouse also from h&m. For shoes i put on black almond toe stiletto hidden platform pumps. For jewelry i put on a pink heart ring with a breast cancer awareness bracelet, stud earrings. For make up i did a brown smokey eye and put on light pink glitter gloss.

I looked in the mirror and i looked great and I couldn't wait for today. "Wow baby you look gorgeous" i turn around and i see kaden with a big smile. "Thanks babe" i kissed his lips softly and whispered "if today goes good , I'll give so something good too " and i winked and blew a kiss and grabbed my Michael kors bag. I got in my car and drove to the school which was almost an hour away but without traffic it's 45 min.

I arrived early and a few cars were there already. I got out and some of the other teachers there acknowledge me ad either luna or Adrian. I waved and walked to my classroom which was on the 3rd floor since it was our pack and the other pack that this school is on. The small city that the school is in is, kaden ' s old family friend pack and since kaden know him he allowed us to come.

I enter my classroom and i smile. The desks are set up in groups since we are gonna do a bunch of group work. I fix my desk and organize and few things. My room is an ocean theme. It had all types of blues and has a few cute animals here and there. I remembered i had put a few healthy snacks in my purse so i decided to eat a granola bar since i didn't eat breakfast.

I had to pee because of all my nerves and i couldn't hold it any longer. I quickly walked to the restroom and did my business. I was about to flush when i heard a nasal voice "did you here we have a new teacher, she better be tough if not , we are gonna bring her down, stupid teacher don't listen to our demands". Soon they left and when the tardy bell rang. I quickly washed my hands and got out. I walked back to my room and saw a bunch of kids. I smiled and watched in and slammed the door a bit loud and everyone turned their attention to me and their eyes got wide. Yup they didn't know , me their luna was gonna be their teacher.

I walked in and got in front of my desk and leaned against it. "Hello guys I'm your new English teacher and you guys can call me Ms Michaels or luna which ever suits you. Ok so this class is a replacement elective for your English 4 class. You don't have to be in this class if you find it to hard but I doubt it because I tried to make it fun." I smiled and they all gave me shy smiles.

"Ok guys I'm call the attendance and if your here just say here" i called about 14 students. "Ok I'm gonna a tell you the supplies that you will need, you will need a composition notebook, a folder and a pen or pencil. Easy right, we'll what we are gonna do with the composition notebook is journaling. It's sort of gonna be like writing a diary but you will be giving me a response or your opinion of a topic i put on the projector. You will have to right a page long and i will put my signature and that's already a grade. That you will do everyday starting tomorrow" i smiled and they all smiled at me. "You guys can joke with me and do silly stuff but no horse playing and using bad words ok " they all nodded giving me their purly whites. "Ok these people you seat with are gonna be your group ok"

At the end of the day I was tired but happy that my first day was over and it went great. I smiled and got my stuff and left. I got in my car and cranked up a bit of sleeping with sirens. I arrive at the pack house and kaden still wasn't at home. I cooked him a plate of 2 steaks with mash potatoes and corn. I also ate some and cleaned the dishes, and went to the room and changed out of my clothes. My eyes were getting heavy so I laid down and next thing you know I'm already sleeping .

♡hope you like even if it's a short chapter but Adrian's outfit on top

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