Adrian's POV

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2 months after graduation

It's been 2 months after our graduation,  and Alexa and i have our teaching degree. We had applied at the high school a city over from our small town , which is kaden where kaden lives. Our town is full of our pack, we have about 550 people in our pack. Yes I've became luna a month after i graduated.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Two weeks after our graduation, I went and lived at the pack house with Kaden. Alexa and her mate got together, their relationship is still in the early stages because she wanted to take it slow since he sort of cheated on her when they first meet. Life at the pack house was great. It's was a month of me living here with my sexy alpha mate. I was showering since it was around 2 since that was the time I had woken up and kaden wasn't around because he had pack business.

My phone rings and i answer and of course I have the life proof case on my phone. "Hello? " "hey babe I'm picking you up around 5pm because I'm taking you out on a date" "your taking me out" "yes I do my beautiful mate" i blushed "Ok , i love you" "i love you too beautiful". I hanged up and shaved my legs. I got out and quickly got out of the shower. I put my wet hair in a bun and got dressed. I put on a beige batwing short sleeve floral belt dress. For the shoes i wore floral lined fold over combat boots.

I quickly took my hair down and towel dried it and ran a big tooth comb and combed it. I grabbed mousse and put on my hair making my curls less frizzy and more defined. For accessories i put on a brown leather bracelet and coral diamond clip back earrings. I put on a bit of mascara and lipstick. I grabbed a brown leather hobo bag and put my iPhone, my lipstick, gum, etc. I gave my outfit finishing touches and a knock interrupted my thoughts. "Come in" "holy smokes , damn baby, you look fucking beautiful" "thanks and you don't look bad yourself".

He was wearing a red polo shirt with khaki pants and red and black jordans. "Well let's go because,it's a cute surprise" i giggled and followed him out. "I've got to blindfold you and don't complain because i know you do" he kissed me to shut me up because I was gonna complain. On the way to our secret destination, the road was a bit bumpy then smooth but i heard when tires go over dirt or rocks. We stopped and he opened the door for me and helped me get out. "This is the best part bae, your gonna love it." He walked a couple of feet and stopped. He removed the blindfold and open my eyes and gasped. We were on top of a cliff that overlooked the town. It was amazing view i almost got teary eyed.

Then I saw a bunch of blankets on the floor and a picnic basket. "Omg kaden you outdid yourself this is amazing, no one has ever done this for me before" "well I'm glad I'm giving you this experience my beautiful mate" i smiled and kissed him and moaned lightly since it drives him crazy. I pulled away "let's get this date on a roll" he laughed and agreed. After eating and talking we decided to lay down and look up at the stars.

"kaden" "yes baby" "do you ever want to have kids with me" he turned around and looked at me, "what kind of question is that? Of course I want little mini us running around, I love you and nothing is gonna change that" "even if I get more fatter that i already am" "yes I love you and i accepted you as my mate no matter what, so what if you gain a few pounds, i will still love you because I love you for you" my eyes got blurry because of my tears and kissed him. "I love you so much" "i love you too beautiful" . I kissed him again , his soft juicy lips of his moving with mine. He licked my bottom lip for permission but i denied him .

He grabbed my butt and squeezed it and i gasped, making him enter my mouth, causing me to moan. Our tongues massaging together and our breaths mingling together. Suddenly i started feeling hot all over my body. It felt like if I was burning and it hurt. I pushed kaden away but his touch made it better. "Kaden  my body feels if it's on fire and it's not good, it hurts, just touch me" he looked confused but took a strong sniff and his eyes darkened.

He moved away and started pacing. "Adrian your in heat" "what!!!! Well do something, gosh dammit" "that would mean completing the mating process, and u want our first time special" "i know you do but ... ahhhhh... kaden make it stop please" he growled trying to not give in but he hates when I'm in pain" . He stops and kissed me hard . He kisses my neck licking the area where he's gonna mark me. I moan and he continues to kiss a trail around my neck and jaw. He removed my dress and his shirt and i was just left in my undergarments.

He kissed me again on the lips and removed his pants in a fast swift move. He trail his lips down to my chest licking the top part of my breast. "Kaden" i said my breathing coming in short breaths. He removed my bra and licked my nipple while his other hand massaged my other one. I moan a bit louder and started rocking my hips. He slipped out of his boxers and put on a condom. "This might hurt but bare with me ok" i nodded. His tip teasing me , when he slammed himself inside of me he also marked he causing me to yell in pain and scream in pleasure. He started moving and pumping himself inside of me faster and faster. He licked my mark and kept licking it till I felt I was gonna cum. "Kaden, I'm gonna c-" i that when my eyes rolled back, arched my back, letting me release. I was breathless. "I love you kaden" "i love you too beautiful "

Flashback over.


So today, Alexa and i were going shopping to go buy clothes for work. I bought some pretty blouses, with slacks and blazers. I also bought some heels, boots with heels , flats and walking shoes. We had gone to Victoria secret, express, Ross, Marshalls, macy's and dillards. Alexa had bought a few blouses and some more jeans but mostly bought yoga pants, sweatpants, running shoes, crocs, sports bras, and Nike shirts and shorts.

We had also went to office depot, staples, Walmart, target and stuff for my English class. My class was gonna be an elective for seniors. It was either English 4 or my creative writing class. Alexa class was gonna be all werewolves do its gonna involve building stamina and some fighting moves and actual sports including 2 other coaches.

We got home and went to go hang my stuff in the closet. I was so excited because in 2 weeks I'm gonna officially be a teacher and everyone knows I'm the luna so it will be cool to teach and i will prevent any bullying that happens there.

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