Adrian's POV

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Graduation day!!!!!

I was woken up by Alexa jumping on my bed screaming "were graduating today bitches! " i pushed her down and i saw her on the ground glaring at me. I smiled at her and said "you woke me up" and she scowled her face and said "you didn't have to push me down" i laughed and said sorry with a wink. I go to my closet and grab my attire. I quickly took a shower and put on my black lace panty and bra set.

I grabbed my red lace tank dress and put it on. Next i put on black eyeliner and straightened my hair and did loose curls on it. I grab my red lip stick and put some on. Next i put in my leather peep toe high heels. I went to see Alexa and she was dress exactly like me but her dress was black and her heels were red instead of black. "Damn we look fine as hell. If i was a guy I'd fuxk both of us." I laugh at her comment and grabbed my phone and key and my gown. We laid our gowns in Alexa's car and we drove to the graduation auditorium. We arrive and put on our gowns and went to meet with some teachers to put us on our spots.

After our graduation, kaden showed up with his brother and his "gf". I rolled my eyes at them except kaden. I hugged him and kissed him hard in the lips leaving his lips red. "Hey beautiful, congratulations" "thanks honey" i kissed him again and saw my dad giving kaden a playful glare and said "your your my little pumpkin mate" he said in his authorative voice and kaden hugged me tighter and said "yes sir and I'll take care of the luna of my pack" "Ok good, because if you don't son, then you don't want to know" "don't worry sir I'll take care of her.

After taking pics and stuff, kaden said he made me and Alexa a graduation party and was also gonna announce that I'm his mate. I was excited to see everyone reaction. I drove with Alexa because kaden was driving with his brother and that bitch. Alexa was really sad on the way there to the pack house. "Lex, don't worry make him jealous and he will know that he's missing out. Have fun ok it's our grad party". She agreed and her mood changed to happiness.

I laughed and we started singing to the radio. We arrive and we could here music in the background. I smiled and i see kaden get out of his truck and i laugh and run to him and jump and wrap my legs around his waist and kiss him. After we break apart. I wiped the lipstick of his lips and got down and walked inside to the party. We go to the backyard and there are teens dancing and old couple dancing too and everyone having a fun time. We eat some bbq and i try not to eat too much because I'm fat so I try and eat slow so it can fill me up. I'm sort of full and I just drink a margarita.

Kaden tells the dj to cut off the music and everyone turns to us and kaden say "congratulations to Adrian and Alexa. They finally graduated from college and will be future teachers. And I'll also like to say that adrian" he grabbed my hand intertwined our fingers "is my mate, your future luna" then it got loud and everyone was cheering. I smiled at everyone and the party was back to full swing. I danced with Alexa and started grinding against her and i heard a loud growl and i see kaden eyes hooded with lust and i wink at him. I wave him over and i start grinding on each other and it got really headed.

After lots of beer and alcoholic drinks I was drunk and from then on everything was a haze.

♡ Sorry if it's a short chapter

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