Chapter 17

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Myricle's POV -

"Who left these?" Diggy asked from behind me.

I turned over in the bed to see Diggy holding a dozen roses that were in a glass vase.

"Um I don't know." I mumbled knowing exactly who sent them.

"Wait there's a card." Diggy said holding up a small card.

I panicked.

Why would Jacob leave a card? He must really want to break me and Diggy up.

Before he could open the card I got up and grabbed the card out of his hand.

"Give me the card back." Diggy said with a confused look on his face.

"I got the flowers from my mom , she just missed me a lot." I said opening the card pretending to read it.

"Okay..." Diggy said. I could tell that he knew I was lying by the look on his face.

I grabbed the beautiful roses out of his hands. "I'm gonna go water these." I lied walking out of the room.

I speed walked all the way downstairs.

Diggy probably thinks that I'm cheating on him. 😔

I quickly sat the flowers on the table and read the card.

Something for my beautiful angel...I love you and I never stopped loving you. - Jacob Perez

I ripped the card up into pieces and threw it away.

I feel so disgusted knowing that he's obsessed with me. 😖

"Baby!" I hear Diggy call from in the living room.

"I'm in the kitchen!" I called back.

He soon found his way to the kitchen and he grabbed me and wrapped his arms around me.

"We haven't been on a real date in a while so maybe we could go on one tonight ." He said with a deep husky voice.

I nodded my head and smiled. "That sounds like a good idea." I said kissing him.

He smiled too. "Okay get ready and I'll be back later to pick you up." He said grabbing his keys.

"Okay baby." I said.

"See you tonight beautiful." He said sending me a wink.

I blushed.

Even though I have known him since forever he still made me blush and made me feel some type away like when I first laid eyes on him. 😍😍😍


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