Chapter 27 ~ Zayn

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Chapter 27 ― Zayn

I loved where we were. I loved that she wasn’t pushing me away and that she truly smiled at me. I loved that I didn’t have to envy anyone because I had what I wanted. I knew that what Mila and I had was just starting, but the feeling I got with just knowing that it was me who was living this story, was indescribable.

That morning when I went down to the kitchen where everyone else was, something incredible happened since we met Alex, Belle and Phebs. When I saw Niall and Alex having breakfast together, laughing and being a couple, that usual pain that hit my chest every time I saw them didn’t hit me this time. In this occasion when I saw them being in love, I smiled. I wasn’t jealous anymore because I knew I could have something like that… maybe. I just had to work on that if I really wanted it.

I looked at Mila who was laughing at something Moni had said. Her laughter, the way her eyes shut close for a few seconds made my heart warm. Of course I wanted what Niall and Alex had with her, not anybody else, just her.

In that moment I finally realised that my feelings for Alex never were what I really thought they were. Yes, I loved her in a moment, I fell for her, but I never moved on until I met Mila because I didn’t want to really move on, because I wanted what she was giving to Niall, not her exactly. And I knew that it wasn’t like that with Mila because with her, for some reason, everything felt differently. The way I was feeling towards Mila could never compare to the way I felt towards Alex. With the latter there was always this longing for something, for a relationship like the one she had with Niall. With Mila… with her it was more than that, it was more than longing for a relationship, it was longing for her. I didn’t care if she was my girlfriend or not, as long as I could have her next to me. As long as I could have her looking me in the eyes and smiling at me, wanting to be with me, as well.

I walked towards where the brunette and black-haired girl were and took a seat next to the shorter one, smiling at the two of them. “Morning,” I said, especially to Moni as I had already said that to Mila. The black-haired girl looked me in the eyes and a little smile spread on her lovely face.

“The other half of my OTP is here! Morning, lovely Zayn!” The brunette greeted overly excited and her words made Mila blush. She looked adorable with her rosy cheeks.

“Ain’t you happy this morning, Moni?” I asked her and she gave me a huge smile. For some reason, I thought she was happier than me for what happened the night before.

“I’m ridiculously happy!” She shrieked, running her hands through her hair in a clear sign of excitement. “My OTP feelings!”

Yup. She was happier.

“Yet she still wants to cut my balls!” Harry complained from the other side of the table, as far away from Moni as possible. I looked at him confused, not knowing what they were talking about.

“That’s because you annoy me greatly and want to steal Mila from me,” Moni replied offhandedly, not even bothering of looking at the curly-haired boy.

“Isn’t Zayn stealing Mila from you, too?” He asked raising an eyebrow and Moni just shrugged.

“That’s different. They are my OTP; I need them together. You, on the other hand… You are irrelevant in my life,” I laughed at Moni’s words and so did the rest. Harry literally pouted and tried looking for comfort with Louis, but he was laughing his arse off.

“Stop being so mean to Harry, you know that in the very bottom of your heart you love him anyways,” Mila said and the brunette actually looked horrified at her friend’s words. I laughed harder. I didn’t believe Moni hated Harry, probably she just enjoyed messing with him.

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