31• My little time bomb

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"That's it. I can't take this any more." I said, irritatedly as I ran my hands through my messy hair.

It was already 12 am and I was in the hotel room, blankly staring at the laptop screen from the past three hours, improvising the presentation wherever needed.

I closed the laptop, frustratedly. Three days had passed by since I hadn't got a chance to even talk with Nandini due to my hectic schedule.

Huff it's really annoying. I miss her as I breath and yet I am not able to manage a little bit time for her.

"I shouldn't call her right now. She might be sleeping." I sighed as I looked out of the window.

The starry night was truly beautiful and it only increased my longing to be with her. Unlocking my phone screen, I texted her.

"Are you asleep?"
12:01 am

"The user you are messaging is currently angry😤"
12:01 am

A small smile formed on my lips on reading her message. My little time bomb. She sure knows how to be cute.

"I am really sorry. I know I am very bad. And I promise I will do whatever you say."
12:01 am

"Then just do one thing don't you dare show up in front of me😤"
12:02 am

I dialed her number but she didn't pick up. I dialed it again and she cut it again. Is she really very angry? What should I do now? I panicked. Walking to and fro around the room I tried calling her god knows how many times but she cut it.

After multiple tries, finally she picked up the call and I heaved the breath that I had unknowingly been holding.

"What is it?" Her voice boomed through my phone speaker and I had to distance my phone from my ears.

"I am really sorry. I was really busy." I tried reasoning.

"Except for the few exchange of messages, you neither picked up my calls nor called me. And now you finally remember that you have a wife." She complained from the other side of the phone.

"Nandini I am really sorry. I couldn't even eat properly in this few days. I really miss your cooking." I said as I sat on the bed.

"Manik how could you be so careless? What if you get sick? You should at least eat properly. Go and eat something right away." She scolded and I couldn't help but smile. She cares.

"I just ate something a few hours ago."

"What do you mean by something? You should have a full set of dinner. Manik I am warning you if you don't order something right away I am never going talk to you." She huffed in anger and at that moment I really wanted to jump inside the phone and be with her.

"Okay I will order it later. I want to talk to you right now." I said as I stared at the ceiling.

"No order it right now." She said, determined.

"Okay." I said, defeated. I reached for the phone and immediately ordered a full set of dinner.

"Now happy?"

"Yea. And you better finish the whole food." She warned.

"Okay I will."

For a few moment we both went silent. And the silence that prevailed between wasn't the kind of awkward silence, if you know what I mean.

"I miss you." I spoke out after a prolong silence. I could hear her heave a slow breath.

"I miss you too." She said ever so softly from the other side of the phone. "When are you returning?"

"I am coming back tomorrow night." I said as I laid down on the bed. "Why haven't you slept yet?"

"I couldn't sleep without you. Sleeping in your arms has been like a habit now." She said from the other side of the phone and I fell silent for a moment.

"Nandini this is not done. Without sleep you might fall sick."

"Even after trying so hard I am not able to fall asleep. Manik Malhotra I think you have become my habit. The mornings seem so plane without you, the nights seem to be long and I miss you every single minute."

And I knew she meant every word she said and it was the same for me. Unknowingly she too had become my habit.

"I miss you." Her voice was low but I heard it and it sounded as if she was crying.

"Nandini no crying." That moment I felt so helpless. I really wanted to jump inside the phone and hold her tightly in my arms. "Nandini you know na I hate your tears. If you don't stop crying then I won't eat anything. I will starve to death."
"Manikk you dare not do that." I heard her sniffing.

"Then you too wipe your tears."

"Okay I won't cry but what should I do? I really really miss you."

"Just hang in there for ten more hours. I promise to compensate for the times we missed."

"Okay." I heard her sniff.

"I love you." I finally let the word that I had been holding since so long slip out of my mouth. I wanted my confession to be special. I really didn't want it to be so plane but the situation demanded this and if this can make her smile then be it this way.

The other side suddenly fell silent. "I know right. And I love you too." Her voice reached my ear and I couldn't help but smile.

Loving her had become my favorite bad habit and although I knew it was bad and in the end either me or her would end up being hurt. And yet I didn't want to change it.


And I so wish I could end up having this bad habit. Anyone who wants to have this bad habit?

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