"Santa?!" She squealed as I carried her upstairs.

"He might be visiting. It is almost Christmas."

"Yes. Yes. Yes. I want to visit Santa and his reindeer!"

I smiled at her and hoped that the big red dude would be around. He had been in the past but who knew. We reached the top floor, the banisters were wrapped with tinsel and a second Christmas tree stood tall in the corner of the wide corridor. Lucas and Max were still arguing over their damn bags. So I stood in front of the stair case and used my foot to push both of the duffel bags and watched them slide down to the foyer.

"See what happens when you argue?" I said and set Abby down. "You both missed out. Abby, wanna push your bag down the stair case?"

She looked up at me and shook her head. "No. I packed my piggy bank. It might break."

"Why'd you pack your piggy bank, princess?"

"Because when we went to the snow last time, there was a box with music at the dinner place and you and mommy put coins in it and picked a song. I want to pick an Elsa song. So I packed my coins."

"There's no Elsa songs on the music box," Max said informatively.

Lucas smacked him in the arm. "There might be!"

"Quit it," I clapped, loud enough that they both startled. "Go and find your mother and tell her you love her or something productive."

"I'm going to tell her I love her first!" Lucas shouted and started running downstairs with Max in hot pursuit. I sighed and turned back to the angel in front of me.

"Is there no Elsa music on the box?" She queried.

I crouched down and started unzipping her bag. "There might not be, princess. But you can bring your iPod and listen to all the Elsa that you want." I found her pink piggy bank and handed it to her, the coins chimed inside the ceramic pig. "Leave that here so it's safe, alright? If you want to spend any money in Vail, you can pay me back when we get home."

"Okay daddy," she spun around on her heel and ran down the corridor to her bedroom. I watched her and felt my heart expand a little bit more. It did that a lot. I was surprised that it still fit inside of my chest. I turned around to the sound of Dallas walking up the staircase and noticed the exasperated look on her face.

"Those boys," she pointed behind her. "Are exhausting and I have to wonder where Lucas gets those creative insults from."

"Who was the one who said that I was as dense as my cock at the sight of a round ass the other morning when I left the milk on the bench all night. Oh that's right. My wife."

She laughed. "I did not say that in front of the children thank you very much."

"You were wrong too," I gripped her hand and pulled her into me. "Yours is the only ass that gets me going. Ever."

She rested her hands on my shoulders and nodded as if she wasn't convinced at all. "Mhmm."

"Mhmm," I murmured, mimicking her as I leaned in and kissed her neck. She tipped her head to the side to allow me access and I felt goosebumps forming under my lips. "I can prove it. I'll put my dense cock right in that a--

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