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I looked over my shoulder at Dallas who was standing at the living room threshold in her cute little winter coat and snow boots. My wife was a damn main dish served with hot sauce. Whatever the fûck that means. But I think I made my point. I raised a brow and flung an arm over the back of the couch while I waited for her to question me.

"Where's Lucas?"

"Who's Lucas?"

She narrowed her glare. "The small blonde six year old that's ten percent me and ninety percent you."

"Never heard of him."

She circled the sofa and picked up the remote beside me, switching off the game that I was watching. I was just home for Christmas and we were due to head out to Colorado in a few hours for a snow weekend with the kids and their grandparents. Still, I threw my hands up when she stared expectantly.

"I sent him to the bathroom to brush his teeth and comb his hair and he's disappeared." She let her gaze drift over the brightly decorated living room. The tall deep rich bookshelves littered with ornaments. The thick white curtains pinned with floating Santas. The white suede armchairs with red and gold throw pillows. Anywhere that a small child might be able to hide.

"I truly have no idea who you're talking about."

"Oh okay," she folded her arms and gave me a smug look. "How about Abby. Know where she is?"

"Is that some sort of sick joke?"

She rolled her eyes. "Come on. This game is funny when we don't have a flight to get sorted for. Where are our kids?"

I stood up, fast, and stared down at her. "We have kids?!"


Her pout was adorable. Fierce but beautiful. There were several reasons that I hoped the kids kept playing hide and seek. Three of those reasons were Abby, Lucas and Max. But the other reason was that I had my wife alone and time to ourselves was becoming rarer and rarer.

"I dunno what to tell you, Cheer," I slid a hand around her waist and pulled her in. "If you want a couple kids, we can go and get started right now."

She shook her head with amusement and I felt her smile as I kissed her lips. I'd probably be a terrible father if I left the kids in the television cabinet while I took Dallas upstairs and made good on the promise of putting a baby in her. I did tell my three little demons that they only had to be quiet for five minutes while mommy looked for them.

Would they notice if they were hiding for another fifteen? Na. Children had no concept of time.

"Ugh," I groaned and stepped back when I felt myself getting hard. Of course I couldn't leave those little derps in the cabinet. "They're in the television cabinet," I whispered to Dallas who whipped around in surprise. "Hiding."

She tip toed across the carpet and held onto the cabinet doors. It wasn't a tight fit for the three of them. The cabinet was fucking huge. They could all sit comfortably. Next time I wanted to smoosh Dallas, I'd stuff them in there, give them a blanket and some snacks and tell them to sit tight for half n hour. Kids love hiding in small spaces. It's like an alternate world.

As soon as Dallas ripped the cabinet doors open, she roared and the three of them squealed and burst into laughter. "Lucas," she reached for our son but he slipped under her arm and made a run for it. "I said brush your teeth! Now!"

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