the one that's comedy gold

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Felix arrived at school just as their second hour class was released, meaning he had time to find Jisung so they could walk to class together. As he scanned the hallways, his eyes landed on a bubbly individual with dyed-orange hair.


He looked up and waved before running toward Felix. "What's your deal, dude," he said with a laugh, "We were all so worried about you. Glad you're here."

With a smug grin, Felix shot back, "I'd like to say I'm glad to be here, but I hate this place more than almost anywhere else on the planet." Both boys laughed together. It was a refreshing feeling for them both as their lives had gotten so stressful in the past few months. "Speaking of places we hate, we've gotta go to chemistry soon; it's a lab day."

On their way to class, Felix mentioned that he wanted to throw his sister a birthday party with people who actually care about her. Jisung, who loved parties, was 100% on board without even hearing the plan. They walked into the chemistry classroom and found it almost empty aside from a few students.

"Hey, Mr. Kang is out today," one girl said, "And they couldn't find a substitute teacher on such short notice, so class is cancelled."

Felix and Jisung both celebrated. Their fourth hour class was a study hall, which meant they were free until lunch. They wandered around the school, searching for something to keep them entertained until their friends were let out of class for lunch.

Of course, Felix and Jisung were the first two at the table, and somehow they got into an argument about Coke vs. Pepsi. (Not really sure why they were fighting, they were both in favour of Coke.)

By the time Seungmin arrived, Jisung was shouting, "Respect your elders!" To which Felix responded, "You're a day older than me; it doesn't count." This earned him a scoff and an eye roll.

"Felix, I'm glad you made it!" Seungmin said with a brilliant smile.

Jisung scowled. "Don't let his cute smile fool you, this kid can be crazy. The 'S' in Seungmin stands for 'Spawn of Satan'." They all laughed and waited for everyone else to get there. As usual, Minho sat with Jisung, Hyunjin sat with Seungmin, and Chan sat with Woojin. They were just waiting on Changbin and Jeongin. Changbin sat down next to Felix and held his hand under the table. The group talked for a few minutes before Jeongin walked up holding an unfamiliar boy's hand. His parents (Woochan) looked at him expectantly, silently asking him to explain.

"Hey everyone," he said, "This is my new friend Yedam. He just transferred here, and I told him he should come eat lunch with us!" Yedam bowed and said he hoped to become friends with everyone. Once everyone had been talking for a few minutes, Seungmin cut through the chatter.

"Felix," he said, "You've got something on your shirt collar. And there's something... here." He poked a spot where a deep red-purple mark was just barely peeking out above his shirt's collar. "And all of the buttons on your shirt are misaligned. You were running really late today, huh?"

He laughed awkwardly as he started to fix his buttons. As he was adjusting the buttons near the top of the shirt, he heard a loud laugh.

"Holy shit!" Hyunjin wheezed, "Felix wasn't late because he overslept, he was late because he couldn't walk." He clutched his stomach, still laughing. "Jesus Christ, this is too funny. I can't breathe."

Woojin gave him a puzzled look. "What?"
Hyunjin was still laughing, so Seungmin answered for him. "Did you not see all those hickeys when Felix was buttoning his shirt? And you can still see some through his makeup. Good job, Bin."

"I told you," Jisung sighed, "I told you this kid is pure evil. He'll kill us all one day."

Felix was embarrassed. In fact, he was humiliated because all his friends were laughing. Both he and Changbin were blushing and Felix was afraid of what his friends might say. Changbin held his hand tighter, trying to comfort him. "Seungmin, I'm gonna beat your ass," he growled, trying to seem like he wasn't a flustered mess.

"That's Hyunjin's job," Minho cut in. Suddenly everyone's laughter was focused on someone else, and it felt more natural now. Hyunjin wasn't bothered by it, and Felix was relieved that the attention was no longer on him and his awkward situation.

Changbin leaned closer to Felix. "Hey, I'm gonna get up," he whispered, "In a few minutes, you leave too and come meet me in room 309."

Felix nodded as Changbin stood up and excused himself from the table to go 'study'.

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