The most beautiful girl in Tulsa

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Dallas pov

I woke up with Emily still in my arms. Man Emily is the most beautiful girl in Tulsa. Emily's hair and her eyes and smile man she beautiful she doesn't even need make up to be that cute. I love her so much.

"Emily get up" I said shaking her.

"Hmm?" she said as she said rolling over to see me.

Man I just love her smile it's makes her the most beautiful girl ever I can't wait to marry her.

"I love you" I said still cuddling her.

"I love you more" she said as she gave me that smile again.

If I could say anything about Emily is that I just love her no matter what I've had other girls but none of them were like Emily. None of them looked smiled or even acted like her. man do I just love Emily.

I got up and walked out to the lake "Emily come on let's go swimming" I yelled

"Ok" she said. She came out in a t- shirt and some shorts and STILL looked hot! She walked up to me and kissed me. I ran up to the dock an next I knew was Emily pushed me in the water.

"You little jerk" I said but I said something else.

She laughed and jumped in after me.

We kissed in the water it was amazing.

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