Welcome, dear Fatefuls, to Olympus! The home of the Greek gods & goddesses, above the highest mountain peaks, amidst the lofty clouds...

Please vote if you're happy to be here ^.^

For those who have read up to Scene 3.2 of The Fates - note that this is Olympus pre-2020 B.C. ;)


**Update - as of December 12, 2014, the Olympics are officially CLOSED!!!**

Check out the contest result pages to see all the medalists on the Olympic podiums! :D


This is where the Fateful Olympics shall take place! A series of fun, friendly, competitive events in which all Fatefuls are invited to participate :D

The Olympics are still in the planning stages, and I'd love YOUR ideas about competitions to include!!

Please comment on the events below to let me know if you might be interested in entering, or if you have any ideas for them!! Please also feel free to suggest other contests. All ideas are welcome :)

Note: Commenting here won't be making a commitment to participate - so no worries!! I'm just trying to gauge interest. So if you're considering entering a contest, no matter how tentatively, please do say so :)


FANFICTION Contest: Write a Fates fanfic! A story of any length featuring characters from The Fates.

FAN ART Contest: Make art based on The Fates! Any kind of art!

TRAILER Contest: Make a Wattpad trailer video for The Fates!

BOOK II COVER Contest: Create a cover for Book II of The Fates (to be posted to Wattpad at an indefinite future date)!

TRIATHLON (event included by a Fateful's suggestion): Enter any combination of 3 contests for a shot at triple-threat glory! :D

#CLODER Ship Captain Contest: Stay tuned for details on how you could win this coveted position in the cast of FFHQ! ;)

As for prizes, guidelines, and deadlines - those shall be determined for individual events, once we get past the planning stages. So if you're interested, add FFHQ to your reading list to stay tuned!!

Prizes will probably involve promotions by Ahna (i.e. in message broadcasts sent to all followers, long-term shout-outs on my profile, etc.), promised dedications in Book II, and eternal fame and glory in the Fateful Fandom ;)  I'm open to other suggestions as well :)

Thank you all very much for visiting Olympus!! In the next chapter of FFHQ, we shall drop by the Mortal Earth...

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