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*ashton pov*

I walked around the cafeteria, just walking, I had nothing better to do.
It was only me, Beth, and Hershel inside but Hershel was resting and Beth was taking care of Judy.

"Hey ashton?"

I heard Beth say as she held a crying baby Judy and was walking frantically around, looking in every direction.


"Have you seen Judith's bottle, she's hungry and I can't find it anywhere"

I thought for a moment, trying to recall if I had seen it but nothing came.

"No sorry, luke did the dishes today, maybe he cleaned it"

"I already checked, it wasn't there"

Judy's cries got louder and her face was turning red. Beth shushed her and bounced her, but nothing was working.

"I can help you look.......if you want"

She looked surprised that I asked to help, but nodded and excepted the gesture.

"I left it somewhere over here"

She said in her cute southern accent. I headed over to where she was standing; she was in front of a big white dresser? desk? I don't know, something white and large.
I looked in all the drawers then around the.........dresser, I'll call it a dresser, but nothing. I laid my body across the top so I could check if it had fallen behind it, it had. I reached down and felt the top of it.

"I think I got it....."

I yanked the bottle out fast and fell....on my butt......in front of an attractive female.....go ashton.

Beth laughed at me a little, then placed Judith in her crib.

"Are you alright?"

She asked running over to me.

"Yea, but can you help me up"


She started pulled me up but slipped on some water. And landed beside me.

"Are you okay, Beth?"

She just laughed at herself.

"Good thing I wasn't holdin' Judith"

She was so pretty, when she talks I can't help but stare at her lips, they move so perfectly and her eyes are just so sparkly and blue like the morning sky.


"Yes ashton?"

I wanted to tell her that I liked her but couldn't put it in words, so I kissed her and to my surprise, she kissed back.

"I like you too, ashton"

She said looking straight at me. We both shared a laugh then fed Judith and put her to bed.

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