First day of school

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" Hey Rayna, have you seen the new guy? OMG he is like walking sex. Ok that isnt possible. Or is it." She giggles. I just roll my eyes. Ok Julie some of us isnt just about sex. I inform her. Here let me give you a description of myself. Im not your normal 17 year old. I havent had sex, I m not in the popular group with clicks. Im not a nerd either. Im just an average teenage girl. Im 5'6", 130 pounds. Brown/ blonde wavy hair past my shoulders. Blue eyes. Black thick glasses. Not like the bottle cap glasses but they hide my eyes. My hair is usually unruly looking like I just rolled out of bed. Its usually on top of my head in a messy bun. Its senior year suppose to be your best experience in high school. We will see.

Julie and I start walking after getting our schedules from the office. That's when I see him. Hes got short brown hair in a fade haircut, eyes the color of the prettiest emeralds known to earth, hes a few inches taller than me. He's got the body of a Greek God ok maybe not but pretty damn close. He's lean and muscular. Not like beefy muscular or on steroids type but by good old fashion work out type. He's standing in front of his locker I assume in a pair of dark denim jeans that hang low with a black v neck shirt that looked like it was painted on to fit perfectly around his sculpted abs. He had a pair of black converses on. That's when I realized that he was standing right next to my locker almost blocking it. A string of curse words were murmured under my breath. Shit. Shit. Shit. I walk to my locker, I get close enough that his scent overtakes my senses. He smells of a mixture of masculinity, soap, and a cologne not the cheap Wal Mart cologne either. "Ummmm... excuse me but you are blocking my locker. I kind of need in there." I instantly invisibly face palm myself. Thats the best you can come up with Reynolds? The sexiest guy alive turns around and says an apology. I start turning the dial on my lock to the correct number combination. Luck is just not on my side. After what felt like a million times I finally hit my locker with my fist. Not the smartest thing I've done. " Need some help?" The guy asked with a cheeky grin. " If you don't mind." I reply. Within 2 seconds its unlocked and open. " By the way my name is Tyler, not the sexiest man alive." " Oh what so you're a mind reader now", I said. " No you just said it out loud when checking me out." Tyler replied. " Nnnoooo...... I wasnt checking you out I was just seeing around you to get to my locker." I stuttered out. " Yea ok whatever you say, ummmm.... what was your name? I don't think you told me your name." "Oh I'm sorry my name is Rayna, Rayna Reynolds. Nice to meet you Tyler." " Hope to see you around Rayna." He said winking at me and sauntering away. Julie was standing there gawking at me well she was probably gawking at Tyler of course as he rounded around the corner. " Hello, Jules we better get to english before the bell rings. " Just as I finished the bell rung.

We walked into our English class. Luckily not late might I add. Julie sat in front of me and I sat next to the window. Our friends Nathan, Adriana, and Luke were in our class. We had all known each other since grade school. come to think of it we were the only 5 from grade school to now everyone else came from other schools. Nathan and I were closest other than Julie and I. Our parents grew up together also. So it kind of went hand in hand. The bell rang and Mrs. Redford turned around and introduced herself. We had heard she was one of the hardest teachers for senior English.... She was dressed in a blue blouse, black slacks, ( that were high waters.) with a pair of black flats. Her hair was short brown turning gray. She had a pair of pearl studs on with a gold chain that went to her belly. But what really caught my attention was the god awful bright hideous red lipstick she had on. Not only on her lips but her teeth as well. Did this lady put her makeup on in the dark or what. I know she's old but I don't think she's from the dark ages. As she did her introduction she stated the she was going to take roll and we had to stand and introduce ourselves to the class. As she started going down the list of names, my eyes kept wandering to the door. But to no avail no other students came in. I guess I was secretly hoping that Tyler would walk through the door. I don't know why but I did. I kept thinking of him until finally, Nathan elbowed me. " Rayna Reynolds, is there a Rayna Reynolds here?" I immediately stood up and mumbled an apology and did my introduction. Nathan was suppressing a laugh. "Rayna, she called your name like 5 times, whats got you not paying attention?" I didn't say anything. Thats when Julie chimed in " maybe you need to ask her who?" I rolled my eyes at them both. Mrs. Redford started passing out the class outline and explained to us what was expected from us and what was un acceptable according to her.

Finally the bell rang and it was time for Algebra. Nathan was in Algebra with me. As we walked in we sat at the same table in the middle of the room. As the bell rung Mr. Stewart wrote a few basic equations on the board. He told us," surprise first day quiz so I can get a better idea of where everyone is at on Algebra level." We all groaned. As we stared at the blackboard a guy walks in. He is about 5' 10" with brown spiky hair with blonde mixed in. He has deep dark piercing ocean blue eyes nice athletic built with a tan. He's wearing a button down blue and black striped 3/4 sleeve shirt with a black tank top underneath, ( he had the first two buttons un done maybe to show off?), he had a pair of washed denim Calvin Klein jeans on with a pair of blue Nikes with the symbol being black to match his shirt. Damn this guy matches from head to feet. He knows how to dress hopefully he isn't gay. Mr. Stewart tells him to go have a seat. For a brief our eyes connect and he comes walking to the only open seat which happens to be next to mine. Ok hyperventilating moment. Ok Reynolds calm down its not like you haven't talked to a guy before ok maybe not as gorgeous as this one though. He takes a seat next to mine and looks over at me and says, " Hi I'm Levi." I glance up at him nervously and say, " Hi I'm Rayna." He replies, " what a beautiful name for a pretty girl." I silently do a happy dance in my head and blush like no other. I see Nathan look over at us and roll his eyes and do a fake gag. Is that a hint of jealousy I see in his eyes before I can tell its gone. Looks like algebra just got a little less boring. After the class outline was passed out, Levi asked to look at my schedule. Come to find out we had 3 classes together. Algebra, gym, and of course my favorite American history. After algebra was over it was time for my least favorite class, HOME ECONOMICS.

I was lucky if I could thread a needle let alone sew anything. But we had to choose between this and shop class. Maybe I should of choose shop(and not just because of the guys in there.) I walked in and Adrianna and Luke were in with me. Did I mention they were twins? They looked a lot a like. Both tan complexion big brown eyes and brown hair, Adrianna's hair was to the middle of her back with purple highlights. (yea she knew it would piss her parents off, that's why she got her nose pierced last year on her 16th birthday.) Luke had brown hair that was a fade away haircut. really short. Adrianna was 5'3" and Luke stood about 6' even. I mean after all he was the star running back of our football team. Adrianna was dating Brad they have been together since our freshmen year. They have split up a couple of times but no longer than a 24 hour period. Luke wasn't really into 1 girl but he definitely had his pick. Almost every girl wanted him. He had the looks the status quo for high school and he had the brains. Which is rare to find all 3 in one guy. Us 3 were sitting together waiting for class to begin. When our teacher Mrs. Kinser walked in. Now I know why she teaches this class. She was short and chubby, had white hair in a bun atop of her head, had a pair of glasses that fell to the end of her nose, she wore a floor length plaid dress with tennis shoes. To top off her ensemble she wore a cream colored aporn that was covered in floor. Mrs. Kinser passed out a paper that was a questionnaire to see what we knew about sewing and cooking. I might as well turn mine in now with my name bc I dont know crap about either. Lets just say my mom isnt around and my dad has raised me since I was 3. He has done a terrific job, he's not home as much ad I'd like because he is one of top 10 lawyers in America. So I've never wanted for anything except for my mom back. After class it was time for my free period, then lunch, then American History.

My free period was un eventful. I had Mr. Haynes. He was laid back this is where we are suppose to do homework. But on the first day there is none. The bell rang signaling the end of free period. Now it was time for my favorite time of school lunch. Not because it was necessarily time to eat but because all of us had lunch together. Of course Adrianna and Brad were having a hot and heavy make out session that would make any single person jealous. Julie, Nathan and I just kept talking about our classes. Luke was talking to some cheerleader bimbo. ( I have nothing against cheerleaders but this one is definitely a first class bimbo). I was getting ready to take my first bite out of turkey and cheese sandwich when I heard a familiar voice ask, " Is this seat open?" It was Levi from my algebra class. I quickly swallowed my bite and said, "yes." Nathan on the other hand said,"no, don't you see the backpack on that chair its taken." I removed the backpack and Levi sat down next to me. "Now, the seat is open unless its occupied by your imaginary friend." Levi replied while smirking at Nathan. Nathan was so pissed that he just shoved his seat away from the table and stomped off while saying," this table just got too crowded." I don't know what the deal is with Nathan not liking Levi but I for one am going to find out. I kept glancing at the door to see if Nathan would come back but he didn't. That's when my eyes stopped and I saw him. Tyler.

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