that's just the kind of boy that I am

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"Good morning boy magnet!" Amelia said and I felt something soft hit me in the side of the head making me groan sleepily.

"Why!?" I groaned burring my face back into the couch.

"Because its 1pm, beautiful out and we should go to the park." Her voice was unusually chipper, being with Andy last night must still have quiet the effect on her.
I knew she wouldn't give up so I sat up on the couch and she tossed a pair of grey skinny jeans at me and a tshirt.

We ended up talking about what happened last night with me and Pete and walking around the park for a while.

"I think I'm going to get a job." I announced to see what she thought.

"We should both get a job and then we should get a place together and be room mates." She clearly thought it was a good one. "Maybe we could even get jobs at the same place." She paused a moment "hey look!"

She said stopping in front of the park's post board where lost animals are usually posted. "There's a band looking for a singer and guitar player." She said reading one of the papers.

"So?" I said taking a look at it.

"So you can do both. You should call since your deciding to change your whole life once your eighteen." She let out a laugh.

"But I'm not that great at either." I protested.

"You are! I've heard you play and sing, I don't know why you won't do it for anyone else. What could it hurt anyway?"

"Awwww your such a good friend." I cooed "but no." I said making her laugh a bit.

"Come on, you've been taking so many chances recently and I can see your changing into your own person, not to mention you've had pretty good luck with it too." She said making me remember what Pete had said last night about living in the moment without regret. I took my phone out.

"Fine, you're right." I said taking the paper from her and dialing the number right then and there.

"Hello?" A guys voice answered on the third ring.

"Hey, I saw your notice in the park for the singer and guitar player." I said trying to hold back the sudden nervousness in my voice as Amelia stared at me excitedly.

"Oh yeah? I'm Kevin, which one do you do?"

"I'm Paige Adams, I do both." I trying to sound confident.

"Great! Tryouts are Monday at five at my house, if you would be willing to come?"

"I would." I agreed.

"My address is 3729 Maple street. If you get lost or something, just call this number and I'll help you out."

"Okay thanks, Kevin."

When I got off the phone, Amelia immediately wanted to know how it went so I had to go over the short conversation with her that she had already partially heard.

"Don't tell anyone in case I fail." I said.

"I think you'll do great, but I won't say anything. How are you going to tell your parents if you do get in?"

"I think I have my argument already planned."

We spent the rest of the day looking for jobs, which was actually pretty fun.


"Hey Paige!How did study time go?" My dad asked from his leather chair in the living room still wearing his suit from work.

My dad was skinny and tall and looked twenty years younger than he actually was, both of my parents did, they took care of themselves and wanted me to fit in too, but I was just a messy, junk food eating girl who felt like her patents wanted her to be more than she actually was.

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