Chapter 35

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Next day at school

Walking through the hallways, you grimace at the thought of the tedious isolation you would have to go through today.

Jackson holds your hands. ''Don't worry babe, everything will be fine''

You slightly cringe. When did he ever call me babe?

You hear a dark chuckle from nearby. ''Yeah, don't worry, babe '' Taehyung mimics, brushing against your shoulder as he walked past. As you glare at him, his mouth tilts into a smirk and he sticks his tongue out.

Ignoring him, you walk into the classroom. ''Y/N, Jackson'' the teacher nods, shuffling some papers. ''Complete these in the isolation room. It's graded, give them to the rest please''

You nod, taking a hold of the papers and leave, making your way towards the isolation room. When you enter, Taehyung and Jisoo are already seated at the far back somewhere.

You walk towards them, handing them a paper each. ''We have to complete these, miss said it's graded''

Taehyung takes the paper. ''A's naturally'' he nods.

''Yeah right, you'd probably get a D'' you scoff.

''Already got one'' he gives you a sardonic grin, as you almost choke on a molecule. You hear Jisoo squealing, and roll your eyes and sit on the furthest seat away, next to Jackson.

''What's his problem?'' Jackson clicks, his upper lip twitched in annoyance. You shrug in response. ''Ignore him''

Throughout the lesson, you failed to concentrate as every two seconds Jisoo's voice would scream out ''Taehyung!''

''Jisoo, stop! Not here'' you hear Taehyung hiss quietly, but not quiet enough. You raise an eyebrow inquisitively.

''But you let me do it yesterday...'' Jisoo's voice mumbles.

''Ew. Get a room'' you call, not even attempting to look back. It would be a rather irrefutably annoying situation if you got these two hoes moaning at the back while you tried to work.

''No need to be jealous'' Jisoo calls back, and you could just imagine the sly smirk plastered onto her face. Rolling your eyes, you block her out and try to focus on the sheet you were finding difficulty completing.

''What is a covalent bond...'' you read out from your paper, completely clueless. ''the fuck is that''

Perks of not paying attention in class.

''It's like a bond you and I share!'' Jackson answers, but you remain uncomprehending. Sighing in exasperation as the last of your brain cells die, you lean against the table and wait for the day to end.


As soon as the bell for lunch break rings, you scramble out the stuffy room and gasp for fresh air. Jisoo and Jackson follow out behind you, and your wondering eyes notice Taehyung did not emerge with them.

Not any of my concern anyway.

You roll your shoulders and walk towards the classroom, the paper in your hands ready to be sumbitted.

''Where is Taehyung?'' the teacher demands, her eyes glancing at you furtively as you hand over your assessment. Jisoo and Jackson stand behind you, waiting to submit their papers too. ''He's sleeping'' you hear Jisoo whisper, but ignore it.

''I'm not sure'' you answer honestly.

''Call him, please''

You sigh in discontent, your feet squeaking against the tiled floor as you lazily dragged them out. Reaching the isolation room you had previously occupied, you peer your head in to search for Taehyung.

And voila

He is wrapped in profound sleep, his head leaning against the desk. You reluctantly walk towards him, wondering how on earth you were going to wake him up.

You are now a few centimeters away from him, your eyes scanning his serene face in bewilderment. His cheeks are a slight shade of pink and his lips are drawn into a long, thin bow. The soft brush of his bangs flutter onto his eyes, accenting the thickly lashed lids beneath them.

You gulp, admittedly mesmerized by his beauty, but remind yourself looks can be decieving.

That could be said for myself too...

You clear your throat, reaching forward to tap his shoulder. ''hey Tae-''


You feel firm, slender fingers wrap around your wrist before you are able to touch him, his hands unexpectedly cold. His eyes roll open as he flicks the bangs out of his eyes.

His eyes are almost obscene in the pure unadulterated heat thats blazing through them, the heat of his gaze resonating through your very core.

''It's you...'' his voice pipes out, almost strained. The grip on your wrist loosens, and his hand falls back onto his desk with a thud. He lifts his head from the desk, his hooded eyes glazed with the remnants of a dream.

''...the teacher called for you'' you finally let out, your fingers fiddling nervously. His dark eyes flicker to you once again, igniting sparks that set your body on fire. This feeling of feral bliss rampaging through your blood, you hadn't felt it in a while. And all it took was a look.


Why is my heart boom boom?

Your eyes bore into his, exchanging emotions even you couldn't decipher. You watch as his tongue slips out to moisten his bottom lip, pursing straight after.

He looks away.

You look away too, not realizing you had stared longer than necessary. He stands up from his desk, zipping up the hoodie he adorned.

Then he walks towards the door in slow strides, his slim figure slouching in tiredness. He suddenly pauses, turning to look at you.

''Stop haunting me in my dreams, idiot''

-and with that, he's gone.

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