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She Never Told

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My second story... Hope you guys like it... I will be working on this and she changed my world so be patient with me please...Comment and vote even if you don't like it tell me I wanna know what I could do to make it better for you guys.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Chapter one....

Standing in the middle of the street screaming at the top of her lungs Olivia was soaking wet from the rain. I was just looking at her from the window thinking she has completely lost her mind again. She does this every time she breaks up with her boyfriends. I grabbed my hoodie and started for the door as I yelled " mom I'll be right back running out front for a min" as I opened the door I could see headlight racing down the street Olivia couldn't see them as she had her back to them. I then began to run as fast as I could yelling at her to move " Olivia get out the way move now!!!" but she couldn't hear me as the rain was pouring and hitting the ground hard and loud. The driver of the car finally seen her in the middle of the road and slammed on his breaks but cuz it was raining he didn't stop as fast as he normally would have, I kept running and when i finally reached her I jumped up and tackled her to the side of the road just barely getting missed by the car. Hey what the fuck are you doing?! She yelled at me looking seriously pissed off. She hated be disturbed when she was like this. I'm sorry I kept calling you but you couldn't hear me, a car was racing down the street and it would have hit you if I didn't just do that!! Oh I'm sorry I thought you was just messing with me like you always do when trying to make me feel better but thank you so much for saving me how am I ever going to repay you for that? She said pulling me to hug me. Tears running down her face but you wouldn't of known seeing as the water was dripping from her face. It's nothing really what are friends for if you was in trouble and I didn't help how much of a friend would I be then huh? I said giving her a cheesy smile. Come let's go in the house my mom made us some coca and something to eat. Your gonna get sick standing out here in the rain. Okay sure let's go I'm done anyways, she said starting to walk back across the street to my house. Hey girls go up and change so you can eat, my mom told us. When we got up stairs I pulled out some boxer shorts and two long sleeve shirts for us to change into. I'm gonna go change in the bathroom you can change in here ok, tell Olivia while wiping my face dry from the water. Sure, she said doing the same. I got change ld and thought she was done so I began walking back in my room but when I got there I saw something I wish I never did. Olivia standing there in just the boxers I gave her, with her back facing me. She was a very beautiful girl that was about 5'6" with golden blonde hair, green eyes and I toned body. I have always though she looked good but what made me stop and stare wasn't her body it was the marks on her body from her back to her arms and her sides. Black and blues all over her. I felt like crying. I didn't know what to do so I just start to walk back in the bathroom before she knew I seen anything. I waited about two mundane yelled to her are you done yet? Yes I am you can come out now she replied. For the rest off the night I couldn't help wonder about who did that to her. It made me so mad. She was my best friend for as long as I can remember and it killed me to know she was in pain and she couldn't tell me about it. After we ate we watched a movie every so often I would just check on her from the corner of my eye, which she noticed. Why you keep looking at me for? She asked. Just making sure your okay, I told her. Maybe we should just go to bed it will make me feel a little better she said while laying down next to me. Sure no problem we can talk in the morning. And with that said we drifted to sleep with her on my kind.

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