Chapter 22 ~ Mila

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Chapter 22 ― Mila


We spent the day out, as it was Louis’ birthday and we all had to do whatever he wanted. Not quite a smart idea. That boy was insane and coming from me, that was something to say. On the bright —or maybe not bright but dangerous— side, Moni and the Doncaster boy seemed to get along perfectly. If he wanted to go running in the street and scare people, my friend would be the first to join him excitedly. And they did that, playing a whole dramatic scene in the middle of the main street. Luckily, there weren’t too many people but Alex recorded the whole thing and decided it was YouTube worth it. Worst part? Moni made me appear, dragging me into the whole game. What did they do? A recreation of The Avengers, and I ended up being Loki. I loved that part, I just hated the fact that I was going to be in a video. I had to stop Alex from doing that and if that meant black mailing, I was up for that.

Later that day and as a way to repay for the disastrous night we had, Alex and Moni had to make dinner for all of us and a cake for Louis. We weren’t doing much for his birthday besides spending it together. The next day it was Christmas morning and we were going to exchange presents that day, including the ones for Louis’ birthday.

During the whole day I avoided Zayn shamelessly. I was so embarrassed for what happened the night before, the things I did and said. I couldn’t believe I blurted out that to him and I knew he wanted to talk about it despite I told him to forget about it. Every time our eyes met accidentally, I could see his desire to come and talk to me, and every time I turned around to talk to Harry or Moni, whoever was closer. Even Phebs whom I talked a lot about my stories and who made me promise that I was going to write during these days in Harry’s bungalow.

Dinner was great. Moni wasn’t exactly the cook girl despite she loved food. She just hated to think about what to cook, but if you gave her orders about what you wanted, she could be really great. Now Alex and Moni together in the kitchen could do magic. We all were witnesses of that miracle and Niall almost cried of sheer happiness. Alex made a chocolate cake just for the birthday boy and Eleanor helped her. She was a nice girl, I liked her.

As almost no one got sleep the night before, we were all so tired and we felt so lame for wanting to go to bed before midnight, but you could see the tired expressions in everyone’s faces. Niall was almost falling asleep on Alex lap —we all were in the living room watching a comedy, for safety measures—, Phebs fighting to keep her eyes open, Liam almost losing his own fight, Harry cuddling against Louis who had Eleanor at the other side. The only ones who were really paying attention to the movie were Moni and Alex, the ones who had some sleep the night before.

“I’m going for something to drink. Can you come with me? I need to talk to you,” asked Zayn who was next to me. When did he get there? Last time I saw him he was in the floor next to Liam and Phebs.

“Uh, um… I’m okay,” I replied avoiding his deep gaze and trying to focus on what Ryan Reynolds —one of Moni’s husbands— was doing in the movie with Sandra Bullock. Man, my friend loved this movie.

“Please,” he begged and I groaned. I didn’t want to go with him because I knew it meant an awkward conversation and I wasn’t in the mood for that. “I really need to talk to you. Five minutes.”

“Okay,” I gave in as I stood up and walked to the kitchen. I didn’t miss Alex’s grin when she saw us leaving the room. We got into the kitchen and I turned around to face him. Better finish with this now. “So, what do you wanna talk about?” I inquired even when I had a pretty good idea what was the topic of this conversation.

He walked towards me stopping only when a few centimetres were between our bodies. I ignored the knot in my stomach and the way my heart raced. “About what you told me last night,” he said his eyes on me and I couldn’t look away even though I tried.

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