Chapter 4

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~ ¿Will You Stay & Remain? ~

It was about 4:27 in the morning when Levi had woken up.

' Damn, every night ' he thought, then looked to the side and saw Eren laying there... So comfortably.

" ..... " Levi didn't want to do anything to Eren without his approval but he couldn't help it. Levi whispered " Forgive me " and started to press his lips against Eren's neck, then kissing leaving a hickey.


6:50 am


Eren woke up to the sun shining in his face. He sat up, stretched out his arms and yawned. " Good morning, Mother... Mikasa... "

After Eren looked at the little ray of light coming threw the curtains, he got up and went to the bathroom to go wash his face.

" Huh, that's weird.. Were there bugs in the bed? ... I don't know how that bite got there..? " looking at the mirror, he looked to the corner of the mirror, seeing that Levi was standing in the door way.

" H-Hey, um.. G-Good morning Levi " Eren was acting shy because of what happened last night. But he loved it.

" Morning Strawberry, how'd you sleep? " Levi had said with a straight face as normal. No expression.

Eren looked at himself and noticed he was blushing uncontrollably that he didn't even know that he was blushing. " I slept pretty good.... a-and you? "

Eren turned around facing Levi, only four feet away. Levi sighed then ran his fingers threw his hair quickly.

" Actually, I slept better than ever. Every night I would wake up almost every hour. But this time I only woke up one time, and of course when I got enough sleep. "

Eren looked at Levi knowing there was something about him... A secret he never knew. But was it that bad, to the point were he could kill himself? Eren's thoughts had started to rise and got distracted. Levi knew Eren was thinking of something horrible so he pulled Eren and hugged him close. Eren had tears rushing down his cheeks like a river.

Levi sat on the floor with Eren in his lap, crying out. " Hey, what's wrong? " Levi was rubbing Eren's back. But Eren shook his head, he didn't want to let him know... Those awful things flowing through his mind... Who would hurt him? His feelings? That made him so cold.. Why? Why him? Why torcher him in such a way that he wouldn't want to live with himself? Why?!

" I-I can't.... No... L-Levi! " Eren's tears kept coming and coming. Levi didn't know what to do than to just comfort him.

Levi softly whispered in Eren's ear " Eren.... Lay down with me and relax... Ok? " Eren looked up at Levi with bloodshot eyes and nodded. They both went to the bed and laid down. Eren gripping on Levi's shirt hugging him tightly.

" I won't go anywhere, I promise you, til' the world ends. " Levi kissed Eren's head. And before you know it, Eren passionately kissed Levi. Both continued to make out.

Levi pushed Eren back on the bed and were still kissing as Levi was putting his hand up Eren's shirt. " Eren... Please .... Can we... " Levi looked at Eren with soft eyes. " Mm.... Levi, I .... Could we wait... " Eren had a scared look to his face.

" Yeah...c" Levi got away from Eren and walked into the other room. Eren looked down ' Did I just screw up my chance?? My one and only chance for me to see how much he loves me? ' Eren's mind full of unanswered questions.


3:24 pm


Eren was finished making lunch and walked over to Levi, who was sitting on the couch. " I , made you lunch ... " Eren gulped.

Levi took the plate " Thanks ... " and he ate.

" Eren, I wanted to know if you want to go to a party with me. It's a friend from collage. And yes, were going to buy new suits tomorrow. This isn't a party were we get to were normal clothes. "

" Y-Yeah, I'd love to go... " Eren went up to Levi and kissed him on the cheek.
" Well, I'm gonna take a shower, so don't forget to clean up after your done! " Eren walked away into the bathroom.

He turned on the water and looked at the water coming out.

' This man, who I centered my life around... He isn't like normal people. His eyes are like a never ending tunnel. But his heart, is so pure. This man...

I Love Him.... '

-~ To Be Continued ~-

Authors Note:

I'm a horrible person! I promised to write longer stories! I suck! I'm so so so sorry! I got so busy and I had wanted to update soon! Well, how was everyone week? Mine sucked... I come home so tired.


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