Chapter 1 • Love?

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"Hey V." Khloe greets Kalani as she sits on the elegant sofa placed in her mother's living room. "Hey Koko." She smiles hugging little True.

"You look so pretty." Khloe complimented her, it was no doubt Kalani was a natural beauty. She sat there in tracksuit bottoms, a white T and little to no makeup looking effortlessly beautiful. "Thank you." She smiled.

"What's up? you're never this quiet." Khloe asked.

"It's nothing really." She stopped when Khloe gave her a look.

"I guess I'm just tired of being the single one in the group." She admitted.

"Then let's find you a guy." Khloe scooter closer to Kalani, taking her phone out of her pocket.

"What do you mean?" Kalani let's out a little laugh.

"There's loads of cute boys your age." Khloe scrolls through instagram, "Cameron Dallas?" She asked, Kalani shook her head no.

"He's taken... ooh Shawn Mendes. Did you see his Calvin Klein shoot." Khloe wiggled her eyebrows making Kalani laugh. "I have ... but I don't think I wanna date someone famous." Kalani sighs, you can't force love.

"Aww Baby, you can't help who you fall for, so just- wait. I know it sounds like forever but the right guy will come to you at the right time." She stokes her little sisters hair. A beauty like her, a personality as amazing as her, who wouldn't fall in love.


Khloe, Kim, Kris and Kourtney all sat in Kris' living room. "So I was talking to Kalani earlier, she looked quite upset." Khloe started.

"What?" Kim worriedly asks.

"She was like, I'm sick of being single." Khloe carries on making the woman in the room feel bad for her.

"And so I showed her some cute boys her age on Instagram and she goes, I don't think I wanna date somebody famous." Khloe carries on making the Kardashian woman, "Awe."

"She's perfect how is she single?" Kourtney asked, the rest of the girls agreeing.

"She's beautiful, funny, smart, amazing body, like I'd kill for. That's wild." Kim says. Kalani really was perfect, she got the least amount of hate and everyone adored her.

"Yeah, I told her you can't help who you fall in love with, and not to rush things. I can't believe she's never been in love, the girl's probably a virgin too." Khloe laughed.

"I doubt that." Kris says making everyone laugh.



My excuse is that I'm young

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My excuse is that I'm young

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