Chapter 2

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You had to miss a few days of the group to help mystic who was starting her own group it's for teens who lost someone and you thought it would be good for her

"Do I have to go, mom?" She asks and you nod

"Yes, now I trust you will try and make some new friends."

"Fine mom whatever." She says and you close the door and the limo drives off

Faith and Nathan run out when they see another car pull up

Faith and Nathan have become friends with the kids of your friends from the group

You just walk inside and your friends come in a few seconds later with their kids

"We brought the new guy."

You nod as Tamaki walks in

Your house felt so empty without your husband anymore

"Well guys come on in mystic isn't home right now but she will be in a few hours."

Ever since your husband died mystic has been super depressed as well which is expected

You and mystic weren't that close, of course, she knows you love her and you hung out with her a lot but she's always been a daddy's girl

|Time skip|

When mystic came home she sees a lot of people especially you talking to some guy and she didn't like that one bit

Mystic walks over

"Hey, mom I'm back." She says

"Welcome back mystic the high school dropped off some homework for you it's in your room." You say smiling at her and mystic shrugs

"I don't care about it why should I?"

You let out a sigh after mystic said that

"Mystic Elizabeth l/n! Go do your homework!" You yell you didn't want to yell but it was the only way to get her to listen

"Ok, mom." She says as she walks to her room

You sigh as you sink into the couch

"I understand having a teenager is hard," Tamaki says and you nod

"It is because she was a daddy's girl ever since she was born she was one but, because my husband is dead my scared."

Tamaki looked kinda confused

"Why are you scared?"

You look over at Tamaki as tears well up in your eyes

"I'm scared she's gonna make bad choices on purpose and end up in a bad place." You say and Tamaki puts a hand on your shoulder

"Yeah, I understand I'm scared for my daughter when she becomes a teenager and my son I'm even more scared. Haruhi was always better at parenting than me."

You and Haruhi were actually friends in Ouran and you knew she was a girl but once you got college you both lost contact and hadn't talked for years

"Anyways I should check up on mystic."

Tamaki nods and you walk off to mystics room

You knock on the door and she tells you to fuck off

"Mystic just unlock your door so we can talk." You say sadly and she does you knew she doesn't really want to push you away she's just hurting just like you

You walk into her room and walks over to her bed and sit down

"Mystic look I get your hurting because of dad but I am too don't think your the only one who loved him and the only one who misses him." You say crying and mystic was shocked you never cried in front of her before well you stopped once dad died

Mystic gets up and hugs you

"I'm sorry mom I get your trying to stay strong for all of us for Nathan and faith and even for me."

You hug mystic back and smile as she cries as well

"You're my daughter mystic and I'll always love you even though dad isn't around anymore and he's not here to help me anymore I hope you'll at least help me with the twins." You say as you try and calm mystic down

Mystic nods as she cries

"Now why don't we go and spend time with them?" You say and mystic nods as she wipes her tears away

"Sure mom."

*I didn't think about how dad dying would affect my mom I know I've been selfish for thinking this but my mom she's acted stronger then she truly is I just want her to cry and show she's broken inside*

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