The Cause of Death Generator

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The Cause of Death Generator

1) The Gong sounds, what do you do?

      a. I would grab a few things and run into the woods.

      b. I would grab as many things as I could and run away, killing people as I go.

      c. I would scream and run like an idiot.

      d. I would KILL!!!!!!

2) If you picked answer a, c or d you died in the bloodbath (DON’T GO BACK!! I trust you! IF YOU DIED, comment saying you died at that point! It’s ok for you to figure out what you SHOULD have done, but don’t lie about your death please!). If you survived, what would you do next?

      a. I would make a shelter, locate a source of water, should I need it.

      b. I died.

      c. I would go out and hunt for food, maybe kill a few people…

      d. I would hide in a tree.

      e. I would sit down and cry.

3) If you picked b, c, d or e you died when another tribute sneaked up behind you and killed you. (IF YOU DIED, COMMENT THAT THAT WAS WHERE YOU DIED!!!) If you survived, you see another tribute, she looks weak and has water that you need. What do you do?

      a. I trail her, to see if she dies, and if not I sneak poisonous berries into her food supply.

      b. I kill her immediately.

      c. I died.

      d. I run away and hide.

      e. I ask her to be an ally.

4) If you picked b, c and e you died when she reveals she isn’t actually weak and kills you. If you chose d, you died of dehydration. (IF YOU DIED COMMENT WHERE!!!) If you survived, It’s the final 2, and a boy from District 2 charges you.

      a. I would charge back and try to kill him.

      b. I already died.

      c. I would run away and jump over a mine that I had reactivated and hope he lands on it.

      d. I would wait to be killed.

      e. I would throw poisonous berries at him, aiming for his mouth.

If  you chose a,b or d you died, and if you picked three you stepped on the mine by accident and died. If e you got the berries into his mouth and became the victor!


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