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You Are The Only Exception {Teacher/Student Relationship} by 10stephanieg
You Are The Only Exception { Stephanie
Michelle doesn't want to think about her parents divorce. No more, then she already has. Michelle swears she will never let herself forget what her father did to both h...
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The First Glader by ARTEMIS_Tigerfire45
The First Gladerby ➪𝐹𝑅𝐴𝑁𝐾𝐼𝐸
Maze Runner Fan fiction. In the maze, someone had to be first. But what if it was a scared 13 year old girl? Can she survive? Does she want to?
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Art book~ by CreepyFuzzyMelon
Art book~by KyonEndel
Contains occasional art for my stories. These such chapters will be named appropriately. And Things I find funny. Or just random art I happen to doodle. Updates on perso...
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To love is to grow up isn't it(Peter Pan 2003) by thedreamer1125
To love is to grow up isn't it( new account is Rally1125
Rosie is a lost, broken girl. Her father is always out and her step-mother is abusive. One day she heard her step mother yelling about giving her up for adoption. she s...
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My drawings  by AsiyanaBaki3
My drawings by Yana
So I like was why not? My drawing are not great but, eh why not? I hope you enjoy.
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Cause Of My Death by Lila_13
Cause Of My Deathby Lila_13
Ashley June, 26 ans, une des mannequins les plus célèbres et les plus appréciées du monde se suicida. Alors que tout le monde entier fut bouche bée et ne savait en aucun...
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My Art by stary_jars
My Artby Tired and Bored
Just a book with all of my art in it (I did all of this on the notepad app on my iPad because I like digital drawing).
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Two can keep a secret by newwriter15
Two can keep a secretby newwriter15
Alison DiLaurentis' disappearance tore the whole city of Rosewood apart leaving one liars family no choice but to move. What kind of secrets will unravel when she comes...
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One Direction High by _milka
One Direction Highby milka
"Every man is afraid of something. That's how you know he's in love with you; when he is afraid of losing you." I only transferred to this school because I was...
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Agentube by Gayshippersrul3
Agentubeby Vocalixir
The BBS is now part of some illegal company that works for the government, and they are agents with abilities. Read more, I guess. And do I really need to say I suck at...
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A Dark Paradise by AlexsCommunity
A Dark Paradiseby Elise ;D
"His breath escaped from him lips, making a cloud form on each whisper. "Please, Don't ever get your hopes up about all this ending." He looks sincere. I...
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Poems of a Heart Broken, Mad, Lonely, Hopeless, Probably Insane Teen 2 by PsychoChick1
Poems of a Heart Broken, Mad, Alex
My poems that I write at school and home
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DAWN by _RachWrites_
DAWNby _RachWrites_
Book 2 of the DARKNESS series The Rebellion is in tatters. The Shadows are nowhere to be found. And the Illuminants? Just as much is known about them as before they'd ra...
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Best Medical Information by laibakhurram
Best Medical Informationby Laiba Khurram
"Best Medical Information" includes About disease's ↪Name ↪Image ↪Description ↪Cause ↪Symptoms ↪Medication ↪Diagnosis ↪Treatement ↪Prevention You will ge...
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Rebuilding the World by LaEsperia
Rebuilding the Worldby Majella Imperial
With the gods and goddesses of Olympus in another row, Hades loses his patience and opens the underworld causing a zombie apocalypse. In an effort to create a better wo...
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Dream? by Aaliawrites
Dream?by Aalia
Have you ever thought about what your life would be 10-20 years from now? Find out what happens when Tiya wakes up 30 years from now without even the slightest trace of...
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Hunger Games Generator by SilverRaindrops
Hunger Games Generatorby Julie
Do you want to know what District you come from, what your name is and if you may or may not survive the Hunger Games? So did I... and it's your turn to find out... Happ...
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Cause and Affect by iwritetoinspire
Cause and Affectby .
❝Because we pray, he affects our lives.❞ Kaila Jorden was now an on fire for God girl, with all her life as good as it can be. She's dating the boy of her dreams, she al...
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𝙲𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝙸𝚝𝚜 12:51 (ONE SHOT) by Simplicityiscute
𝙲𝚊𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝙸𝚝𝚜 12:51 (ONE SHOT)by Simplicityiscute
Hindi man sing ganda ng una naming pagkikita ni keifer pero sa mga bawat dumating na araw na nakasama ko siya binigyan niya ng kulay ang aking mundo.
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Ask away!! by Exploshers
Ask away!!by jesus_said_chill
This is where you can ask me any questions! I will accept all!
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