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You Are The Only Exception {Teacher/Student Relationship} by 10stephanieg
You Are The Only Exception { Stephanie
Michelle doesn't want to think about her parents divorce. No more, then she already has. Michelle swears she will never let herself forget what her father did to both h...
𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖔𝖋 𝖆𝖑𝖑 || Adopted by lilylatte-
𝕸𝖆𝖘𝖙𝖊𝖗 𝖔𝖋 𝖆𝖑𝖑 || Adoptedby ‖ ʟɨʟʏ ʟ.ɮ. ‖
Cover by @Itzz_Neehxrikx "Me? Full of power? Honey, I am Power!" Persphone Potter- no, Peverell, never had a normal childhood, and having an eidetic memory mak...
Cause and Effect by jordynexus
Cause and Effectby Jord Not Found?
Neymar is convinced that Nia is perfect for him, but Nia is not so sure she needs guys in her life anyway, thank you very much. ~•~•~•~ Neymar Jr ft. Alexis Sanchez &qu...
Sorry. I've stolen your Kids. by kuropheonix
Sorry. I've stolen your kuro. pheonix
Dream is tired of watching Tubbo and Tommy- the only two in the server that can make him care enough anymore- crumble under the weight of their jobs. Sorry not sorry Wil...
A new era of war(World war 2 harem x male just cause reader) by Nathaniel561
A new era of war(World war 2 Blackops
It's all to easy until the Germans meet the Scorpio
To love is to grow up isn't it(Peter Pan 2003) by thedreamer1125
To love is to grow up isn't it( new account is Rally1125
Rosie is a lost, broken girl. Her father is always out and her step-mother is abusive. One day she heard her step mother yelling about giving her up for adoption. she s...
The blue flame (pokemon harem x male just cause reader) by Nathaniel561
The blue flame (pokemon harem x Blackops
You heard about a few military bases and soldiers in a place called the alola region apparently the black hand has set up bases there and trying to control weather again...
TMNT [FULL] by RandomlyPost
TMNT [FULL]by Don'tReadAnyBooksInThisAccount
gore, horror, death, fluff, fic i do not own any of the stories i just copy paste it for me to read later on most of it are because Leo cause i like to torture him since...
The Avatar and The Ally *DISCONTINUED* by nerdish_simp
The Avatar and The Ally * obsessed & depressed
The Ally is the Avatar's true love. But what happens when someone gets in the way? I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender characters got bored with the plot. i was chan...
Angsty One-shots by themotherfuckingsky
Angsty One-shotsby brook
Feel free to request any angsty character stories! (okay, this mostly turned into soukoku fics, sorry-) Started: August 19th, 2021 Cover by me :)
Furry Randy Marsh x Reader x Milo (OC) by oliver_needs_a_hug
Furry Randy Marsh x Reader x Oliver
joke joke joke joke joke joke joke joke sexy daddy randy meows sexily for you WOW THAT WAS HOT LINK TO THE AUDIOBOOK ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ only...
Rebuilding the World by LaEsperia
Rebuilding the Worldby Majella Imperial
With the gods and goddesses of Olympus in another row, Hades loses his patience and opens the underworld causing a zombie apocalypse. In an effort to create a better wo...
Teachers || Solby by SonOfPertemis
Teachers || Solbyby SonOfPertemis
Sam is an AP Language and Composition teacher, and Colby is the APUSH teacher across the hall. What'll happen when a harmless
American Revolution by SoccerWrites31
American Revolutionby SoccerWrites31
This is a short story about the American Revolution,based on cause and effects. Keep reading and it will give you a mystery of what happens next.
Research Essay: The Causes and Effects of the Iraq War by JHalterman20
Research Essay: The Causes and Josh Halterman
This is a sample of my writing, which is a research essay about the causes and effects of the 2003 through 2011 Iraq War.
20 Things About Me by hiplike_catie
20 Things About Meby A Potato ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
I don't know. I guess the title says it all? (NOTE: I made this book when I was a noob. My username is now whatever lmao don't judge meh)