Chapter 13

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“Ahhhhhhh!!!!” Hikaru and Kaoru screamed and jumped off the couch. Twirling around to see who it was and was met with Kuro giggling like a maniac.

“Hi, nii-sans~”
“Why did you do that?”
“I wanted to see if your reactions would be amusing and they were. Thanks, nii-sans.”
“Now we have two dark lords.”
‘Host Club is Now Open’ interrupted their conversation
Time Skip
Host Club is Now Closed
“Who’s the first?”Kuro said, restarting their conversation from before the club was open.
“Kyoya.” All of the hosts say.
“What do you mean? Kyoya's always been nice to me.”
All of the hosts stare, dumbfounded.
“He’s nice to you?”
“Awww, Kyoya-senpai/Kyo-chan has a crush~”
“What? Crush?”
“It’s where you like-like someone, Ku-chan.”
“I didn’t know saying the same word twice changed the meaning. Did you know, Kyo-sama?”
“I didn’t and that’s because it doesn’t change the meaning, Kuro-san.”
“Oh. So what does having a ‘crush’ mean?”
“It’s where you like being around them all the time and your not, you always think about them.”
“Does that mean I have a crush on Hika and Kao?” Kuro asks with a head tilt.
“Well, if that’s what you feel for them. But I think that’s just sibling love, not the romantic kind.”
“That makes sense. But, why’d they say you had a crush on me?” “Because I’m nice to you more than the others.”
“But, we’ve never seen you guys even talk to each other before.”
“Well, the hospital I was at belongs to the Ootori group. Kyo-sama is usually there and he would hang out with me when Hika and Kao weren’t there. He went to a lot of my physical therapy sessions, too. He helped me out a lot but I don’t think he knew I was Hika and Kao’s little brother.”
“Well, that explains a lot.”
“Hika, Kao..”
“Yeah, Kuro?”
“Can we go home now? I’m really tired and my feet hurt.”
“Sure, Kuro. Come get on my back,”Kaoru says.
Kuro nods and yawns, walking over to his brother and getting on his back. “Bye, guys and Haruhi. See you tomorrow!” And they leave.

“Is everything ready for tomorrow, Kyoya?” “Yes, All of the preparations have been made and we’ll be picking them up from their class around 8:30.” “Good.”


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