The Showdown

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This chapter was crafted by the amazing JMills_


Both women kept their eyes locked on each other, waiting for someone to make the first move. Neither dared to breathe, let alone show any fear. The tension between them rose with each passing second, which added to the excitement of the unseen viewers.

Tabby Cat watched Abby creep along the wall, slinking in the shadows as the woman sized up her opponent. The Dark Web star licked her lips, tilted her head and smiled. "So, you're the new blood? You've made quite a mess."

Silent Death stopped in her tracks. Her eyes widened. A twitch in her cheek let itself be known as her knife hand made a quick jerk. Adrenaline coursed through her body, the exhilaration of killing compelling her to continue with her onslaught.

"You feel it, don't you?" Tabby Cat whispered, moving forward ever so slightly. "The rush. Doesn't it feel fantastic to kill with your hands?"

As if to answer her question, Abby quivered in ecstasy. Her eyes fell to the bloody knife in her opponents' hand. Blood dripped from the blade and splattered on the concrete floor. The corpses littering the scene painted the area as an abattoir. With the next kill ready for the paying customers of The Dark Web, it would only be a matter of time before more blood was shed.

"Shall we dance to see who the better woman is?" Tabby Cat taunted while she shook the knife in the air.

"If I have to kill to survive, then so be it," Abby announced. A smile spread across her face. Her dimples showed, and a dull set of white teeth revealed themselves to the dark underworld.

Tabby Cat nodded and changed her stance. With her left foot in front of her right, she knew pushing herself forward would enable her full strength to quicken the gap between her foe. She bent her knees in a slight arch, preparing herself to launch.

Her athletic skills and prowess deemed her worthy of the given name Tabby Cat, even though she hated it. But with her abilities of combat, nothing could stand in her way. She'd been in the Dark Web for so long now that it became her home, her place within the world of chaos.

Silent Death's eyes slanted. She held her breath and rose her knife hand. Leaning forward, Abby changed her stance to brace herself for the attack.

Beads of sweat trickled down both women's temples. Nerves shook as blood rushed through their bodies. Their hearts beat in unison, becoming one with the rising tension. Elsewhere, all eyes were glued to their monitors and screens.

It was the highlight of the event, the spectacle.

Tabby Cat grit her teeth and sprung forward. Her knife hand rose, ready to perform an upward strike. Her opponent stayed in place not moving an inch.

With bated breath, Tabby Cat swung her blade upward. Her aim was set on Silent Death's throat. The sharp edge sliced through the air, inching toward its target. At the last opportune moment, Abby sidestepped to the right and swung her blade through Dark Web Stars exposed ribs.

Tabby Cat yelped in pain. Red splashed onto the concrete wall. Both women spun round to face each other.

Silent Death's heel flew in the air and connected with Tabby Cat before she had time to register the severity of her wound. The blow hit her straight in the jaw. She bit her tongue and stepped back. On instinct, her free hand rose to her face, but she knew better of it. Instead, she lurched forward and thrust her knife toward her opponent's back.

Abby looked over her shoulder and slid herself across, avoiding the attempted retaliation. In a split second, she waved her knife hand across. Metal struck flesh. Blood ruptured from Tabby Cat's neck.

Shock rattled through Tabby Cat. Rage boiled within her from the humiliation of being played. She realized then that her opponent was more advanced than what she had initially thought. Underestimating her enemy was a vital mistake.

The enraged Dark Web Star darted to the side and spun round. Her back slammed against the cold concrete wall. Blood trickled down her chest. Warmth saturated her clothes. Tears welled in her eyes, but she dismissed them with a wipe from the back of her hand.

Tabby Cat covered her neck wound and applied pressure. She stared at her enemy, watching every breath they took as silence filled the room with a sense of dread.

"There's no way someone like you will take me out," Tabby Cat spat. "A novice isn't capable of killing me!"

"Is that so?" Abby whispered. She rose her knife hand at Tabby Cat. "You've been here too long, fighting people who can't fend for themselves. You're weak, praying off the defenceless."

"And what of you? I watched you hide in the shadows, killing your enemies without a conscience."

"I did what I had to do to survive. You kill for fun."

Tabby Cat laughed and winced from her wound. "You're having fun too. Don't deny it."

"It's all a game. If I have to act like I'm enjoying this, then it'll draw more attention. Mark my words bitch, I'll get out of here soon," Abby declared, her voice brimming with confidence.

"There's no way to get out of this. Murder and mayhem is life down here. Once you participate, there's no way of getting out."

A flicker of malice shimmered over Silent Death's eyes. Tabby Cat knew that look all too well. She was staring at death straight in the face.

"Not today," the Dark Web Star grumbled under her breath. She gripped her knife tighter and pushed herself off the wall.

"Overconfidence will be the death of you," Abby whispered.

Both women launched at each other. Metal clashed as sparks lit the scene. The clashing blades flew left and right, deflecting each killing blow.

Out of desperation, Tabby Cat purposely rushed forward and flung her opponent's blocked blade away. As Tabby Cat let go of the knife and clenched her fists, Abby gasped in surprise.

Throwing a punch into her enemy, Tabby Cat's blow connected with Silent Death's face. The loud crunch of cartilage breaking echoed throughout the area. Blood spilled from her enemies nose. Before Abby had time to react, Tabby Cat punched her in the stomach which made her drop to her knees.

Tabby Cat grabbed a bunch of Abby's sandy brown hair and balled it into her fist. She yanked on it, causing Abby to fall on her face.

"Stupid bitch," Tabby Cat uttered as she bent down on one knee.

"Fuck you," Abby muttered. She reached out and grabbed Tabby Cat's ankle.

"Don't you fucking touch me!"

Before Tabby Cat had a chance to smother Abby's face into the concrete, Silent Death latched herself onto her opponent's neck and pressed as hard as she could onto the wound.

The Dark Web Star reared her head back and released a gurgled scream. She pushed Abby away with all her might. As the newcomer fell to the floor, immense pain burned in Tabby Cat's neck. Hot fluid spurted out. Her vision blurred.

Upon realizing her enemy had further opened her wound, Tabby Cat tried to stand. Silent Death crawled on the ground, determined to grab the knives lying on the ground.

"No!" Tabby Cat gurgled. She took a step forward and collapsed as her knees gave way. Her strength was leaving her.

Every second counted.

Abby grasped both knives and spun round. Panic rose within Tabby Cat. She flailed her arms about, desperately trying to injure her opponent with closed fists.

Metal met flesh and blood painted both women in crimson. Gurgles emitted from the infamous star who had finally met her match. As the life left her body and all hope was dwindling, only one thing stayed on her mind before leaving this wretched world.

She had been beaten.


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