The Revelation

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This chapter was written by the brilliant JMills_

Our new contestant, Silent Death, formerly Rogue Soldier, has Tabby Cat hot on her trail. Can she defeat this experienced Underground threat?

Gerald Crawford had not hesitated for a second in outbidding himself for Abby's naming rights. He had seen her now, he had lived each stroke of beautiful murder. She wasn't a soldier, nothing so regimented. She was death; death in its most terrifying, silent form.

"What the fuck?" Nick exclaimed, rereading the message. "Who sent you this?"

"Darren," Tony said, shaking his head in disbelief. "Looks like someone thought to check the Underground stream."

"Can we track the IP address to their whereabouts?" Nick asked while ignoring Ford's futile attempt of closing the door.

"Maybe, but it's risky. The Dark Web is known for their heavy internet security. God knows we've tried to shut down the Underground before," Tony muttered, his attention returning to the screen.

Ford stopped his pathetic attempt of shutting the door. He flung the door ajar and headed straight for Tony. With a swipe of his hand, Ford snatched the phone.

"Hey! What the fuck are you doing?" Tony shouted.

"Someone owes me a favour," Ford said, backing away while his fingers tapped the buttons. "He had been hoping to find Abby's whereabouts without revealing the extent of his true skills and identity to the likes of these idiots, but her life was more important than his own. It always had been."

Nick watched him make a transaction for the pay-per-view. A popup confirmed the purchase and offered him an exclusive prize. Ford swiped it away. The Underground's logo displayed on the bottom of the screen.

He stepped closer. Watching the screen unfold before him, the camera angles followed Abby as she slithered through the darkness. Every movement was perfect, her judgment made within split seconds of each other. Competitors strode past her and it was obvious then that Abbey enjoyed stalking her prey.

"What have they done to you?" Ford gasped, his hands shaking.

"Who owes you a favour?" Tony snapped as he stood beside Ford and stared at the screen.

Abby emerged from the cover of darkness, slicing a competitors throat with tactical precision. Blood gushed down the man's front, painting his darkened uniform red. As quickly as the death was dealt, Abby smiled and blended into the shadows.

The camera angle changed. Tabby Cat stalked Abby's wake, observing every blood splatter and sign of disturbance. A flicker of a blade presented itself while her pace quickened. She darted to the side and hid in the darkness.

"What the hell is she doing?" Nick asked.

As if to answer his question, a contestant ran into view, scouting their surroundings this way and that. He spun around. Without any hesitation, Tabby Cat crept up behind him and stabbed the man in the kidneys.

The man wailed. The sound sent a chill down the spectators spines. Tabby Cat pulled her knife from the wound and kicked the back of his knee. Her victim fell onto their knees, begging for mercy.

In a swift motion, she moved to the side and swung the knife through her victims throat. Blood splattered beside her feet while the man gurgled. His hands tried to block the waterfall cascading from his throat, but the only thing he accomplished was falling face first onto the concrete floor.

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