Chapter 12: No

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Tyler's POV

As I drove to the Taco Bell, I seemed very happy. Especially for 9:00 am, because I did NOT get up that early. I was just so happy that Troye loved me.

I drove up to the drive thru. "May I take your order?" a man said.

"Can I have the 12 pack tacos?" I said, knowing Troye would eat, like, six.


"Thanks," I said, and got our tacos.

Troye's POV

I can't believe that just happened. How did he get my number? I-Didn't I change it? No, I didn't.

I redialed the number that was apparently Jade's.

"Hello? Troye, listen," he said not letting me talk. I listened. "I just got out of rehab, and I have been thinking. I still love you. And I still want to be with you. Please. None of that stuff mattered. I promise. That guy was nothing! I swear."

"No," I said.

"N-no? I went to rehab for you!"

"That's just great, but when you left, I found someone else. And he treats me way better than you can ever imagine. You are the reason why I had doubt in my mind about him. The answer. Is. No. Now fuck. Off!" I said, and hung up.


Kelsey Here! Okay, so I'm sorry that this chapter is so short but I promise to update a little better. Just let me get some inspiration, and we're good!


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