Chapter 10

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The boys all chose pizza while I didn't eat at all I just sat down on the bed reading the papers the girl give me. It said

Dear Lilly,

If your reading this right now I just want to let you know about my life and stuff. Ok so I saw you and luke at the cinema when he asked you out and I saw him trip over you at the beach. I have been writing this once he asked you out. Her is my life story so you get to know me better.

I'm 11 years old my name is Kim I have been been bullied from pre school all the the way till now. You have really helped me regain my confidence. once I leaned yiur name I screeched you up on twitter and Instagram ext. I followed you and noticed how much hate you've been getting an tots not all to fans but looks like people who were once your friends. I know how that feels. The janoksians and now you are giving me the rising confidence to not care what others say. You know what I look like when you saw me. Well anyways thank you so much my Instagram name is Kim_luke98 and ya so follow if you want bye. She wrote really neatly and had some beautiful drawings.

I went on insta and followed her. I put my phone down and went to check on the boys only to see aunt Kelly. She's back oh no. Went into the kitchen casually ignoring her and grabbing a pocket knife i slid in into my pocket and went back to her. "What are you doing here Kelly" I was so mad at her that I didn't say aunt. "I'm here for you remember we had plans" she said smiling luke the kissed me on the forehead and said "bye babe I'm gonna leave you two alone" I looked at him with a please stay look but he didn't notice. "Your boyfriends a real dumb ass you know that you little slut" she said grabbing and angerly grabbing me and dis hiving me into the car. I said "he's smarter than you bitch" under my breath. "So I have good news lil" she said smiling. I looked at her worried because I knew she s crazy I hope she didn't touch my parents or else she's dead. "What" I said with anger. "Your BFF Carl is in town and I what you to see him" she said smiling. Oh no Carl is one of my ex and he abused me I dint tell Kelly tho how would she know. We used to be the best aunty and niece friends ever till one day she picked me up from school and banged her own husband when we got to her house becsue I made her laugh. She has blame it on me for 18 years. I have that one guilt in me that makes feel depressed well only when I was 10 when I turned 16 and found the Janoskians. I soon baca me happy. Were here oh no I see him. Maybe he changed. We get out and walk over to him. He tells Kelly good bye and shoves me in his car he gets to a hotel and brings me in it. I was waiting till he did something really wrong for me to stab him. He slammed me on the bed and took off his pants. My eyes widen as I notice what he wants. "I have a boyfriend you know that right" I Said he looked up at me and slapps my face. Oh that's it wait but that's not really that bad tho. I stayed with my gut feeling and it said when he try's to sexually harass u cut his arm and run. He soon pushed me back saying "I haven't had you for a while why don't we have a little fun he said trying to take off my pants. I told him I would get some condemns and stood up grabbed the knife and sliced his back and then held it to his neck. "If you move and inch your dead I said with rage. "Bitch pleas" he said trying to brake free from my grip but couldn't. I grabbed my phone and dialed 911 I told them where I was and what was happing and they laughed at Carl and sent police. The police came and took him away. Along with Kelly. I walked back home like nothing happened I asked them not to call anyone because I did Handel it myself. I got home and walked to the room. Luke was sleeping well I thought so. I walked in and took off my bloody shirt because of where I sliced his back. I put it on the floor and got in the shower. Luke came in running after I had turn on the water she screamed "what happend". I said "Kelly took me to see my ex he almost rapped me i stabbed him he's in jail the cops took Kelly to and laughed at them both because of how I'm smarter than them. He gasped and said "I'm glad you went hurt but I'm also pissed he tried to tuch my girl". I laughed and said "you coming in or naw". He walked him and grabbed my ass. "Hey hands off slut" I said. I kissed his nose an sweet back to showering. I felt a pair of eyes staring at my butt and when I termed around I saw luke looking up and down at me smirking. "What" was all I said. "No wonder why he wants you" he said grinning.

Luke's pov

Damn she's so hot no wonder why he wants her. But he's never ever gonna get her. EVER. SHE ALL MINE.

Later we got changed and went to bed to rest for a while. It was now 6:00 pm so it was a good time to rest.

"I love you luke. you are still with me no matter what I look like and did. You've seen me through the good and bad. Makeup and no makeup. And still you stay. I honestly love you to death" Lilly said cuddling with me.

"Lilly words can't explain how much I love you. You have been there for me through the good bad bad. You even have been there when I hade nightmares and that's not a pretty sight. You are still here. I love you to more" I said.

She kissed my cheek and climbed on top of me. We both laughed because it went to romantic to a silly time.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her over. She slapped me. "Ouch your gonna pay for this" I said fake crying.

She just laughed and kissed my cheek then pulled my hands away from my face and started to kiss me. We kissed for a hour without any thing els happing. We later pulled apart as we were really desperate for air. She slid from under me and sat on top of my back. She always did this when she was blushing. I guess she doesn't want me seeing. She got off and sat on the other Side of the bed.

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