*Wesley's POV*

my knuckles make contact with the wooden door three times before i stand and wait, my hands shoved into the pockets of my blue jeans.

seconds later i hear the clicking of shoes coming towards the door before it opens, revealing a shy looking Chloe.

my eyes scan her body as my heart beat seems to be racing in the bottom of my throat. i swallow hardly before looking up to meet her eyes. 'you look amazing' i speak, her cheeks heat as she bites down on her bottom lip.

'uh-' i speak, clearing my throat when my voice comes out croaky. 'we should go' i smile, nudging my head towards my black car sitting out the front of her house. 'you drove the few meters to the front of my house?' she giggles as she closes the door and locks it.

'i thought i'd save you the walk?' i shrug as we head towards my car, 'its thoughtful' she smirks, mumbling a thanks when i open the car door for her. i quickly shut it once shes in before i head around the car to the drivers side.

'excited for your first ever party?' i question, slidding into the drivers seat. 'why would i be excited?' she asks, i shrug my shoulders, turning the key and bringing the ignition to life. 'its your first party experience!' i exclaim, pulling off the curb. 'also! you'll be experiencing it with me!' i add, quickly shooting her a grin before looking back to watch where im driving.

she chuckles quietly. 'yea, yea..' she trails off before i see her glance at me from the corner of my eye. 'i wonder about you..' she sighs, i frown, looking at her quickly. 'why?' i question, coming to a stop at a red light before i turn to face her.

'why are you hanging out with me?' she asks, i shrug my shoulder, 'you know... you may be some "nobody" at school, but that doesn't mean anything to me..' i trail off, looking back to the road as i begin to drive when the light turns green.

'that doesn't mean you should hang out with me Wesley, how are people from school going to take this!?' she questions, motioning between us. i shrug once again, 'i dont really care'

'well i do.' she states crossing her arms, i roll my eyes before speaking. 'like it would bother you.. it shouldn't. if anything it would bother me but it still doesn't! im the one who would lose respect form the school and i still dont give a shit, that whole thing is fucked up' i state.

'what whole thing?' she asks, 'the whole, jock, cheerleader, nobody thing. who the hell even come up with that shit? like seriously.. its just stupid' i huff.

Chloe stays silent, fiddling with her fingers in her lap as she stares down at them. 'i just dont know why you'd wanna be seen with me' she finally mumbles. 'what do you mean?' i sigh, giving her a quick glance though shes still staring down at her hands.

'im nothing special, i still fit into the nobody part of school.' she shrugs, looking out of her window as we drive. 'nothing special?' i question, she just nods her head in reply. 'i dont know when the last time you looked in the mirror was... but last time i looked at you, you were fucking beautiful and i only looked at you a few seconds ago.' i state.

i see her look over to me in shock, her eyes staying locked on me as i continue to watch the road. 'Wesley' she sighs, finally looking back out her window. 'it doesn't matter what you think anyways' is all she says.

the rest of the drive is quiet, soonly enough we're parked out the front, both of our seatbelts off. 'you ok?' i question, watching her as she bites her lip, her eyes scanning the front yard where there are already a few drunk people scattered around with beer bottles in hand.

she quickly looks to me, our eyes meeting. 'maybe i shouldn't have come.. am i even meant to be here' she frowns, i quickly nod my head. 'its an open house party but i already told him you were coming he said its all sweet' i smile.

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