Chapter 11: Bad Guy

Justin is not allowed to do that, who on earth does he think he is? He can't just kiss me out of no where and the excuse being "to get you to shut up" this is not a movie and he sure as hell is not about to play me like some sort of charcter.

"Are you alright? You seem distracted" Rocky drove onto a dirt road and parked there. "Huh? Yeah I'm fine" I politely smiled back at him, "this isn't the studio" why were we on the Hollywood hills, "I thought we would skip the studio and come to this beautiful place." He slid his hand up my thigh and leaned close to my neck, "um.." I displaced his fingers lingering close to my area. "Come on baby no need to fight it." He began sucking on my neck "can you stop, take me home" I demanded pushing his face away from mine. "Not until you.." He trailed off and attempted to lift up my shirt but I slapped away his hands, "leave me alone!" I said with my voice croaking half way, it was like he couldn't hear a single thing that I was telling him. He tried to slip his fingers into my pants once more but I got out of the car before he even had the opportunity, "fine you can walk back!" He snapped and sped back onto the road.

At this point small tears are falling out of my eyes cause I didn't know what do, I guess my only option is to call Justin.

Phone Call

"Justin?" My voice still quaking

"What's wrong Rani?" He instantly knew something was up.

"I need you to pick me up" I sniffled and wiped my nose,

"Where are you?" He sounded really worried

"I'm on the Hollywood hills" I muttered knowing that it a little far from Justin's House,

"I'm on my way" I heard Justin's car start up,

Even after our argument this morning he still is coming to get me when I dodged him this morning. I guess he was right, Rocky was a bad guy and I should have listened to Justin when he told me. He seemed so sweet and chill when I first met him and when he was driving, then all of a sudden he turned into a sex crazed asshole. I'm definitely deleting all of his songs from my phone and there's no way I'm going to tell anyone about this because all it will do is make it worse with tmz always lurking around the corner and knowing how society works; the girl will always be painted as the bad person.

I waited for twenty five more minutes until Justin rolled in with his white Ferrari, he instantly got out of the car and hugged me. "What happened Rani?" He tightly hugged me with my head tucked under his chin, "A$Ap tried to.." My voice still shaking, "where is he" Justin all of a sudden got angry, "he drove off- can we talk in the car? There's trouble above" I looked up and there was a helicopter flying awfully close to where Justin and I were standing, "oh shit" Justin sighed and opened the passenger seat door for me to step into. The helicopter kept following us until we got back into the freeway, "do you know A$Ap's address" Justin looked over to me, "Justin don't." I gave him a stern look, there is no way Justin is going to fight Rocky because of me. "No I just want to talk to him" he tried to convince me, "no you don't, you want to fight him and I won't let you do that!" I ordered but Justin has a very strong mind so I know he won't listen, "why not, he needs to be taught a lesson" he mumbled the last part. "He's not worth your time" I leaned my head on the window, "fine." Justin stubbornly muttered, "good" I whispered to myself.

We drove back to Justin's house in Calabasas and watched The Hangover part III that was playing on TV, the time was now 4pm since the day was going so slow. "I'm going to get pizza, which one do you want?" Justin grabbed his car keys, "Hawaiian" I responded. "yep" and Justin left, the house was all of a sudden feeling lonely so I patiently waited for Justin just scrolling through Instagram and I somehow ended on Selena's page, her latest picture was a selfie of her with Justin asleep next to her on his bed with the caption "nothing like our love." I don't understand why Selena continues to play with everyone, first she says Justin was cheating on her and then she acted all fine when I talked to her on the phone the other day but yesterday she was calling me a bitch and asking justin to make me leave. Justin needs someone better than Selena's pathetic ass, I may not know Selena well but it's obvious she's not good for him, like cocaine really cocaine? why does every one only highlight Justin's mistakes but always tries to make Selena seem like a victim? that's not fair on Justin.


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