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"Just what the hell do you think you're doing?" He whispered right on my ears in a husky voice which I surprisingly found sexy-----I mean, creepy!

"Levi?!" I turned to face him, and though I expected to see his face, my eyes still widened when I saw him.

"Do you have any idea you were about to die a while ago?" He said through gritted teeth.

"Actually, yes." I admitted.

His expression turned grim, those dark brown eyes seem to pull me into its abyss. "You're impossible, Dakota."

He said my name in a way that sent a thousand chills through my body. And it felt good in a strange way. He pinned me to the wall as he leaned in closer. I could smell his breath, fresh and minty. I could perfectly see his face, his thick eyelashes, the long strands of his jet black hair brushing along his eyes, and those captivating dark brown orbs. I'm simply enchanted.

"Who is behind that door?" I whispered. I know I'm pushing my luck but I have to ask this, once and for all.

"Someone you wouldn't want to know." He looked at me intently, from my eyes to my nose and locked his eyes on my lips.

"But why?"


"Because what?"

"You know what, you ask too much."

"Because you don't answer properly!" What the hell is wrong with this guy?! Oh right. Everything.

"You already know much more than the Institute can tolerate." He said halfheartedly as he continues to look at me as if he's trying to gulp in the features of my face.

"In other words?" For the second time around, I heard that Institute. I wonder what has it got to do with everything.

"You have to go with me."

For a moment there, I thought he said 'you have to go out with me'. But then I realized that would be the most impossible thing next to crows turning white.


"Wow, you're so willing to come with me, huh?" He looked amused.

"I'm curious as hell. That's why." I hope I didn't sound too defensive.

"Plus points if you admit you really want to go with me." He smirked. Someone please hand me a pin, I have to pop this guy's big head over here!

"Oh please, spare me the complacency."

"I would have, if you don't look at me like I'm some kind of appetizing dish." Gods, his enormous ego is freaking annoying!

"And that comes from someone who isn't staring hungrily at me right now." I muttered.

He just chuckled at my witty response.

"Let's go."

Then he grabbed my hand and dragged me----yes, literally dragged me----along the hallway. I don't know if this is the right thing to do but I know the answers are with him. I have to do this.


I know I wasn't supposed to cut classes but here I am now, sitting beside the driver's seat with Levi Garrison.

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