What's This New Feeling??

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Pragya :I am fine..  Mr. ABHI. There is no need to get scared..  I am fine..  Look at me.. I am fine..  Relax.. Sit first.. Come here..  Ok.. Wait,  i will bring water for you..

Abhi stops her by pulling  her hand..

Abhi in a shacking tone: you can't go.. Leaving me.. Please.. I am fine.. Sit first.. You are not injured..  Right.. You are fine.. Right..

Pragya :Abhi.. Cool.. I won't go.. Ok.. Relax.. (Patting his palm's back..)  ok..  Cool..

Abhi. Actually i was scared leaving you there.. These policemen made us to leave the place abruptly pushing us to here for safety.. And i was scared thinking of you..  I called you.. But you didn't attend.. I don't know what to do..

Abhi: (hugged her Again)  I am sorry.. I am really sorry.. You are always getting  troubles because of me.. Sorry Pragya.. Please don't leave me..  I assure you.. I won't  leave you in trouble hereafter.. Please forgive me.. I am sorry..

Pragya :let me speak Abhi.. I am fine.. And there is no need of blaming yourself.. mistake is mine..  I left you there itself.. And you are crying.. Please don't  cry..  I am getting tears too.. Fault is mine.. Please..

Relieving from hug..

Abhi: please don't cry.. You can't cry like this.. Please. Mistake is mine..

Pragya :Mistake is mine too..

She gave her hand kerchief to him to wipe his tears..  He wiped his tears..


After some time,

Pragya and Abhi is shown moving in car.. Silently.. Abhi felt awkward to face her as he hugged her without permission.. Pragya felt happy and sad at the same time.. When Abhi shed tears for her..

Pragya felt like she got a gem of person in her life as a friend for the first time.. She understood Abhi is feeling uncomfortable.. After that..  She called him..

Pragya :Mr. ABHI..

Abhi:yeah Pragya.. Tell me (without facing  her)

Pragya :hello.. Mr. Abhi.. Why are you not facing me.. Look at me first.... And you are  silent unusually throughout the while.. Why..

Abhi: nothing..

Pragya :what nothing.. (with a smile)  you are behaving like kiara.. She too behaves like you when she had a fight with me.. Did i fight with you.. Then why are you keeping silent..

Abhi:not like that.. I didn't come out of shock.. Please don't leave me... (looking at her)  i was scared.. (tears welled up his eyes.) sorry.. Sorry.. 1000 times sorry.. for leaving you in trouble every time.. I am responsible...(shacking tone)

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