The Disappearance Of Lars Mittank

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Lars Mittank was only 28 when he disappeared in Bulgaria while on holiday with a couple of friends. This case is very strange and is known as 'the most famous missing person case', what makes it stranger is the footage at the airport.

Lars Mittank was born on February 19th 1986, in Germany. He had a good life, and no history of health problems. It began in July 2014, when he was on holiday in Bulgaria with a few friends. There are a few strange points while he was on holiday. First, he got in a fight with some other tourists over a football math he went to see in a pub. He didn't get that injured, only a ruptured eardrum.  The doctor advised him not to fly, therefore he booked a room in another hotel and stayed there. The doctor prescribed him Cefuroxime 500, for his ear and he stayed in Bulgaria for a bit longer. His friends offered to stay with him, but he insisted they went beck and didn't stay.

 Second, his behaviour was very erratic and did a lot of strange things in the hotel. One thing to note is that he would pace around the hotel, looking stressed a lot, especially in the early hours of the morning. He allegedly called his mother, and told her to cancel all his credit cards and then explained that men were following him.

The 'men that were following him' were allegedly possibly after the pills he owned, or some sort of drug. Many people believe that drugs could have been used. Another point is that the men he got in a fight with, hired some guys from Russia to stalk him, and he was very paranoid about it.

On July 8th, he went to the airport, with all his belongings to fly home. First, he went to speak to the doctor there, and asked him about flying with his ear. The doctor said it would be okay for him to fly. Then, a man came in, and the doctor said that it was his college. Lars instantly got up and sprinted out of the airport, leaving all his things behind, and disappeared. 

One theory is that the man was actually following him, and he ran into the woods so he could get away. Another one is that the was killed and buried by those guys in the pub.

The following links are to a few sources I used in this. These aren't the only ones I used. I just found these helpful during my research and I recommend you look at. I take no credit for these links whatsoever. They belong to the owner, not me. I am putting here as sources you can use to learn things that I didn't include. I also mean no disrespect to anyone I talk about here, nor the families. I am in no way saying that the theories are what really happened, nor people of interest/ suspects.

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