Chapter Four"Don't smile to me, light on me,"

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Word count- 1,612

*Sam's POV*

The ambulance finally arrived to the hospital after waiting for what seemed like hours four doctors were waiting outside by the ER. The doctors took Colby and put him onto a different gurney. They began yelling orders to get him to ER room three. I couldn't help but stand there, in the middle of the ER. Shocked, mind spinning, I had so many questions to ask Colby, What happened in the forest that didn't make the video? What happened in that alley?

"Sir, sir," a young doctor with red hair and blue eyes, "Sir, you need to go wait in the waiting room,"

I look at her still in shock, "Oh, yeah, sorry."

"The waiting room will be through those doors,"

As she spoke I saw the doctors that were previously working with Colby take him into the elevator, "Wait!" I began walking to them but stopped as I felt a tug on my arm.

"Sir, the doctors are going to take your friend to get an MRI and an X-ray," I nodded walking to the waiting room.

Two hours later, everyone for the trap house was in the waiting room, anxious as ever. Two doctors came up to us, "How is he?" I asked.

"Well there is some internal bleeding, and it looks like there is also bleeding in his brain," I look at the others in shock, "But don't worry we will take him to surgery as soon as possible,"

"Is he conscious?" Corey asked

"He is in and out of consciousness, but he was asking for you guys a little while ago. If you would follow me I'll take you to his room," we all nodded, and got up from our chairs, and began following the two doctors. Once we reached his room we were greeted by several other doctors.

"This is Dr. Shepard," she said pointing to a tall laid back man with slick black hair and dark blue scrubs," he is the neurosurgeon that will be performing surgery on Mr. Brock."

"Dr. Shepard?" Elton asked, "Like world-class, Dr. Shepard?"

"Yes." The neurosurgeon smiled.

"Didn't you do the spinal surgery on the girl that had scoliosis, and her back was bent to a 90-degree angle,"

"Indeed I did,"

At this point, I just wanted to tell Elton to shut up. Dr. Shepard grabbed the picture from the MRI and held it up to a light.

"Your friend is bleeding in his brain, it's not that bad, but if we wait much longer the blood will start to clot," Dr. Shepard said.

"I'm Dr. Callie Torres, I work in orthopedics," DR. Torres wall tall, she had long black hair that was curly and tied in a bun, she too had dark blue scrubs. "The X-Rays reveal that your friend has extra cartilage, most likely from previous broken bones that never got cast, or healed correctly. We will have two separate surgeries, Dr. Bailey will be performing surgery on his liver to stop the bleeding, while Dr. Shepard works on his brain. I will go in separately with a scope that I will scrape the cartilage away with."

Broken bones? That never healed? I don't remember him ever having any broken bones.

"Is there anyone we should call, as his parents?" Dr. Bailey asked.

"Yeah, his parents are in Kansas, I'll give you their numbers," I said.

I shuddered at the thought of Colby going into the OR alive, and coming out dead.

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