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 Louis woke up to the sound of clattering. 

He groaned and rubbed his eyes tiredly, stealing a glance at a sleeping Eleanor. He smiled at her, the girl he planned on spending the rest of his life with. But for now they were starting with spending weekends at each others places. 

Carefully sliding out of bed, Louis winced at the sound of the bed springs. Once again looking at Eleanor he found she was asleep. But she wouldn't be for long if the noises outside proceeded.  

It's probably Harry, Louis thought, rolling his eyes. Harry was being a twat lately, getting drunk and doing absurd things. But when he wasn't drunk he was being an emotional wreck. Louis loved him to bits, and didn't mind being the one to console him, but he was losing patience.  

The boys had been informed of Harry's attitude, but they didn't know the whole of it. They didn't know how many nights Louis awoke to the sound of Harry's sobs next door. How many times he had to clean up the broken shards of glass from yet another destroyed mirror or plate.  

Louis understood what he was going through, he really did. He'd been heartbroken before, even though the severity of his didn't top Harry's. But that certainly didn't justify outbursts of anger and his destructive behavior.  

Nearing the banging sound he found it was coming from the kitchen. He tiptoed down the halls, he tried his hardest not to make a sound. Getting closer, he distinguished grunting sounds. What on earth was Harry doing?  

The sight of his kitchen nearly gave him the biggest shock of his life. There was Harry, smashing pans onto the floor. Opening cabinets and throwing their contents onto the floor. And in the center of the chaos, was a mess of jam and glass.  

"What the hell, Harry?" Louis yelped over the banging sounds.  

Harry's hand halted mid-air, pan in hand, and looked up at Louis. His chestnut curls fell into his face and his green eyes were dark with a flurry of emotions.  

Slowly he let the pan drop from his hand onto the ground, making one last clatter.  

Louis's face was riddled with confusion, concern, and the slightest bit of agitation. "Harry?" He hissed, wanting to move forward but not wanting to try and struggle through the mess of kitchen appliances.  

Harry lifted a shaking hand, and with his index finger he proceeded to point at the mess of jam and glass. "It wouldn't open," He said simply.

Just five minutes ago, Harry had struggled to open the jar of jam that he'd intended on putting on his bread. But it just wouldn't budge. So he lost it.

Louis pouted in sympathy and cocked his head at Harry, who was breathing heavily and rubbing his eyes. "Come here, Haz."

Harry flew into Louis's arms like a magnet flying to a fridge. This was the first time Louis had shown any sense of emotion to Harry in the past weeks. "It's gonna be okay," He soothed, rubbing circles into his back.

Harry wanted to believe him. He really did. But when would anything ever be okay? When would him and Louis go back to normal? When would the boys stop treating him like a child? When would he be loved?

Harry shivered at the feel of Louis's hot breath on his neck and relished in the smell of his hair. It had been so long since Louis and him had shared an embrace. Harry didn't realize how much he missed Louis until now.

Maybe now things would change. Maybe now Louis would stop feeling disappointment towards Harry.

"Erm, guys?" A voice said, startling Louis. He hopped out of Harry's grasp and found Eleanor standing behind them, looking between the kitchen floor and the lads.

"Hi, Eleanor." Harry mumbled.

"Hi, Harry. Care to explain?" She smirked unsurely.

"He made a bit of a... Mess." Louis said lightly gesturing to the floor. Eleanor nodded, and she bit her lip in an attempt to not laugh. The sight was absurd-- jam all over the floor, pots and pans all over, dented cans lining the floor.

A little giggle escaped out of her, and before she knew it she was laughing. Louis too began laughing, and to everyones shock Harry laughed as well.

His deep, hearty laugh rang through the air and the other two matched in amazing, laughing along. It had been so long since Harry had laughed, so long since he had a reason to.

Maybe things were getting better.

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