Make A Wish •larry stylinson•

Make A Wish •larry stylinson•

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"...I wish... I just wish I had somebody to love..."


July 22, 2010 at 11:11 pm, Harry Styles made a wish. 
The very next day at 8:22 pm, his wish came true. 
What happens when, exactly two years later, Harry makes another wish-- this time for someone instead of something?

What you get is not always what you expect~

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LarryWorldofWonder LarryWorldofWonder Aug 18, 2017
That make me feel awkward because they didnt really know each other but like...yeah
LarryWorldofWonder LarryWorldofWonder Nov 12, 2017
I legit want to post notice me please on 11:11 on snapchat but im scared my crush will see and that will be the end of me.
LarryWorldofWonder LarryWorldofWonder Nov 12, 2017
This is me when i have no wifi and everyone else has working phones with data on the bus and i just want to die of boredom
w0ah5s0s w0ah5s0s Aug 22, 2016
                              DONT YOU NEED SOMEBODY TO LOVE
haleslove haleslove Dec 30, 2015
omg my name is Hayley spelled exactly the same im freaking out! i love this book already!!!
Guys, it would mean a lot of me if you could check out my story. ❤️❤️