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Carrie's POV

The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective. Take right now for instance.

Run! Come on, run! You know you can do it.

I gulped deep lungfuls of air. My brain was on hyper drive; I was racing for my life. My one goal was to escape. Nothing else mattered.

The sun was pouring on my face and it felt excellent. We were at the pool again, but since I had the boot on they weren’t pressuring me to get into the water. I was sitting on a lounge chair reading with Zayn sleeping on the chair next to me and the rest of the boys playing marco polo.

Sounds like a perfect summer day right?


“Niall! Niall over here!”

I snap my head around, looking for the person calling my boyfriend. It was a mistake, I was practically blinded by flashing lights.

“Liam! Liam! Is it true you and Danielle broke up and you came here to get away from her?”

“Zayn! Is it true you had a melt down and were sent here until you became mentally stable?”

“Harry! Is it true you went streaking down Main Street the other night?”

“Louis! Is it true you’re actually 27 and lied so you could join this band?”

I had no idea what these people were saying, or who they were but the moment the boys saw them they sprang into action.

Zayn moved in front of me, shielding me from blinding lights and probably protecting me from the majority of the pictures. The other four boys quickly hopped out of the pool, wrapped towels around themselves, and grabbed they’re things.

Niall raced over to me, grabbed my wrist and started towing me away. The five boys all circled around me so I couldn’t be seen. I had no idea when they would’ve planned to do this but I silently thanked God they did. We all rushed out the back gate and into the street.

Niall spun his head left and right. “Where do we go? They’re blocking our path to the house and we can’t let them see where we are staying.”

Liam hesitated. “I can call Bill? Or Paul?”

Harry shook his head. “It’ll take him too long, and then they’ll just follow the car.”

I was still stunned from what had happened, but I focused long enough to get us out of there.

“This way!”

I led the boys into the woods. Pushing through the thick branches I prayed that we were headed towards the trail.

Thankfully the trail finally materialized up ahead of us. I motioned to it and we followed it back to our houses.

Niall started pulling me towards their house. “They still may be on our trail and it’s better they find our temporary home then your real one.”

“Who are ‘they’, exactly?”


Wow. This is really what their lives are like normally?

I followed he boys through the back door into their house, then we all raced around shutting all the blinds.

The whole time I had a sickening feeling in my stomach. I knew the boys had shielded me for the most part, but I had turned right towards the cameras, they were sure to have at least one good shot of my face.

What would the world think of me?

What did they already know?

How had they found the boys here anyway?

One way or another I knew my life would never be the same again.

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