Chapter 18

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It was a Friday morning.

Everyone else had already gotten up, but you on the other hand was wrapped in profound sleep.

''heeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy'' a voice as deep as the ocean deadpanned in your ear. Your eyes lazily rolled open, glazed over with the remnants of a dream. You had a peculiar dream....

That Jimin sniffed you and inquired why you had the same scent as Jackson. And when you realize that it was in fact reality, the tidal wave of uneasiness only grew momentum. Your eyes adjusting to the brightness, you see a grinning Taehyung peering down at your drowsy form.

''Have you awakened, princess?'' he imitates in a princely manner, looking princely and regal as fuck too, his voice devoid of previous hoarseness. You don't bother opening your mouth to reply, and pull your hand out from the duvet revealing a middle finger.

Dragging yourself out of bed, you refresh yourself and head downstairs to satisfy the contents of your growling stomach.

''bro can you not'' you hear Yoongi's voice say as Hoseok giggles.

''lol sorry'' and a huge boooooom erupted, his egg fart dissipating into the air and evading your nostrils.

''EUUGHH'' you squelch, retreating out the door. ''fucking hell what did you eat?''

He twists his features to resemble a lenny face as close as possible, earning a slap from Namjoon behind him. ''you need to get laid''

''Well, technically, he did just lay an EGG fart just now...'' Jin grins at his own pun, spraying the air freshener everywhere.

''wow it smells like Jimins breath in here'' Jungkook enters, blocking his nose as Jimin screams a ''I heard that!'' from the other room. You smile to yourself, listening to them bickering among themselves but your mind drifts away once again to ubiquitous worries clogging at the back of your mind.

Two long arms suddenly plop onto your shoulders from behind, slender fingers reaching forward to squish your cheeks. ''Smileee y/n. Your making a confused expression again'' Taehyung mutters, the grace of his touch sending spirals of ecstasy through your body. You quiver, brushing off the unnecessary feelings and jumping away from him.

''what about now?'' you ask, sticking your teeth out as your face contorts into a goofy one. He giggles, a low laugh vibrating in his chest.


You half smile, a light pink dusting your cheeks as he inspects you, eyes widening.

''are you blushing??'' he whispers, as your face turns even redder. You stare into his hopeful glistening eyes for a moment and lick your lips. He suddenly backs away, covering his face with the back of his hand.

''why are you blushing now?'' you return the question, as he scrunches his face and turns around.

''shit, no'' he retorts, turning around. ''I'm not blushing'' 

You see his ears turn red from behind as he shakes his head. ''why were you even looking at me like that?''

''looking at you like what?''

''Forget it'' he mumbles. ''We're gonna be late for school''


Spotting you alone because the three boys were in detention, Jackson catches up to you in the playground, greeting you with a smile. Waiting to see if he'd begin with his amorous advances, which he fortunately didn't, you smile back.

Since he remains silent waiting for you to say something, you ask first. ''hey...I've been wondering, where do you stay?''

''At a friends'' he answers vaguely. ''What about you? In a house full of boys, huh?''

You roll your eyes. ''At least I have somewhere to stay, for the time being''

''For the time being?'' he says hopefully. ''you can come stay with me...''

''Firstly, you haven't earned my full trust yet'' you tell him. ''and secondly, will that friend of yours let me?''

He remains silent to your surprise. ''oh yeah...'' he looks up. You tilt an eyebrow inquisitively.

''the full moon is coming up...''

''so..?'' you ask, as he frowns.

''So we turn to wolves again, Y/N. You already forgot?'' he says, shaking his head. ''and you were so against turning before too...''

It was had completely forgot. Too engulfed in the pleasures of being human, you were oblivious to the fact that you were a werewolf, and that you had to undergo the changes of becoming a wolf once again.

''how long do we have left?'' you inquire, eyes squinted in thought.

''According to my calculations...'' he mutters, scratching his head. ''3 days''

''3 days?!''  you exclaim. ''how long will we remain wolves?''

''not long...just for the night until the moon fades away'' he nods, noticing the worry and turmoil etching into your features. You heave a sigh, running a hand through your hair, a habit you had picked up from Jimin. ''what are you going to do?'' he asks you, as you shrug.

''I don't know...''

3 days...

You had 3 days to make a decision.


[No ones POV]

Jisoo waits for Jackson, leaning against the school wall as he talks with Y/N. She notices him coming towards her, and stands up straight. '' part is done'' he sighs, as she nods in satisfaction.

''by the way...'' he speaks up. ''will you allow Y/N to stay...with us?''

''Us?'' she scoffs. ''her in my apartment? No thank you''

He furrows his eyebrows in annoyance, slamming her against the wall. ''listen...I've been listening to your stupid orders and letting you drink my blood while you cling onto me like a fucking leech, and when I ask for a simple request, you answer with this shit?'' he growls, as she stares back with widened eyes. But it's not long before her smug expression seeps back into her features.

''You're hot when you're angry'' she smirks, leaning in for kiss to silence him as he opened his mouth to speak again.

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